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Well... I did it!!


needs more willpower!
I joined class today!! It's the first time i've ever joined any kind of group and it was def an eye opener. To start with im 3lbs heavier than my stupid scales say!!

Everyone was lovely, especially the consultant. I think this is going to give me the kick up the bum i need not to keep falling off the wagon and eating tons of chocolate. And to top it off, i won the raffle! So wish me luck everyone and beat me with sticks if i go off plan xx :D
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Sounds like you had a brilliant experience!!! Well done you :)
I'm sure we won't need the stick. You'll be on track and doing fabulously in no time at all.


I want to be fitter again
I have been to several groups where I live and the scales are always between 2-4 lbs heavier than my wi fit or the scales in my bathroom. don't compare the two and you will be fine. My wi fit is my home weigh in for the BMI and the SW for the weight. (if you are heavier on the SW scales, it means they make more money by keeping your there longer lol ) Good luck with your new healthy eating lifestyle x

Wacky Jacky

Size 10 in time for 2010!
Well done for joining - you've got past that first hurdle.

Best o'luck'n'stuff to you ............... and your mum!


Mad old Bat with Attitude
You won't regret it! Just make sure you stay to the talk after and you will get SO much out of it! What did you win?
Welcome and good luck Hun.
My advice would be write everything down..keep a diary of your food, so that you can look back to times when you need a boost.
Also, DONOT weigh on your scales!! Keep to the clas scales as depending on the results that you see at home, you could end up falling off plan....stick to the class ones.

Good luck with your journey!
Well done for joining - I KNOW I needed the support of a class to keep me going, and still do! It's even better that your mum has joined as well. That extra support - and friendly rivalry - can really help such a lot!

Good Luck to you both on your weight loss journey! And I so endorse what Judimac says about staying for the whole meeting. Make up your mind that you will learn at least one new thing that you were not aware of each week - write it down if necessary. This means that you have to really LISTEN in IT to what is being said to others (unlike some!) to gain the most benefit, then you and mum can mull it over afterwards, to extract the most appropriate tips for yourselves!

Once again, Good Luck, and keep us posted.
Well done for joining - I joined yesterday too. Let's hope we both have a good first week!

I think I actually prefer the SW scales. I was expecting to be about 3lb heavier than I was because I was weighing in in the evening and clothed rather than in the morning and naked as I do at home - so was actually a nice surprise!


needs more willpower!
You won't regret it! Just make sure you stay to the talk after and you will get SO much out of it! What did you win?
I won a set of measuring spoons and a lovely new big mixing bowl which i'm very pleased with.
I joined this site ages ago and i've been doing SW for ages but i had no willpower so i thought doing a class would help me x

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