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well, I was bad

I dreamt about food last night, I mean i was eating lovely salads and things.

When I got up this morning I was really on a mission, there was no stopping me ..so I ate a cambridge bar instead of having a shake.

I dont know why but it wasnt enough - so for lunch ..... I was nearly going to have a sandwich but decided that would be fatal ..... so instead I chopped up some lettuce, tomato, cucumber,carrots and sprinkled herbs ...and decided if I still wanted to eat after I had prepared it all I would.

So I did, I ate a salad ..... me very very bad, but I am also proud that I didnt eat anything bad like bread or chips, or otherwise. I dont know what came over me but I just had to eat - KWIM. I feel good now, I wont eat again for a while and certainly not again today.

Does anyone else do this?

Tomorrow I weigh ... I wonder if it will have much of an effect on the scales. oh I hope not.
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I think you should forget about it as you said you could have had something really bad .
It was a salad ! Not really really bad
I hope this tiny slip up wont affect you weight loss , dont beat yourself up over it .


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yeah there are some days i have the cravings and i can ignore them but other days i just know i will not be able to be resist them and would walk a thousand miles for a morsal of food!! Ha ha. I also dreampt of food last night and that i went for a meal and the waitress took my food away when i hadnt finished it!! and i went crazy! says a lot! It wont affect the scales BTW i am sure it was only salad.
Hi Honey, draw a line under it and move on. Like you said it was salad and not burger and chips lol.

I still get huge cravings at first it was for a fry up and now like you I crave salad and chicken.

I'm sure it won't affect your loss too much.

Sharon xx
thanks girls ..

Well I didnt gain any weight :). I lost 2lbs and I that includes my food from yesterday. I am happy with that.

The surprising thing is I dont feel guilty about eating, I just had to eat so it was a case of damage limitation. I guess I would have felt bad if it was chocolate bars or pizzas. This morning I have woke up with the SS attitude, no more dreams about food.

Sharon .... I had to chuckle .... isnt it funny how we crave salad!!!!! strange bunch we are - but thats what I wanted. :)

Jlm ... lol you didnt get to eat your food :(.

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