Well if this isn't motivation!


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Day one yesterday weighed myself this morning and 4lbs gone :)

Yipppeeeeeeeeeeee c'mon day 2 I'm ready for you lol
That's brilliant lisa!!

You're bound to be curious in the early days but my advice would be, once you get into a rhythm, try not to obsess over the scales. I've loaned mine to my sister and will get them back when I reach maintenance.

I'm not peeing on your bonfire - honest - but there are times (week three is notorious for it) that the scales won't move quite how you expect them to and it can knock your confidence (I almost threw in the towel on week three because I only lost 1lb). All you need to know is that the diet works and that if you stick to it 100% then you WILL lose an average of a stone per month.

Well done on sticking with it - now you know it works a treat, imagine what day 7 will bring!! :)
:eek: Yeah I know but I am afraid I am weighing addict.

I know there will be days they wont move and weeks where losses will be minimum but tbh as I know if I do this 100% I will lose weight I think this will keep me going.
Well said Deb....its amazing how many people want to throw in the towel at that 3/4 week mark!

Great news on your loss Lisa - keep doing what your doing, hun and watch out for days 3 to 5 as they can be the hardest on getting into ketosis but it sounds like your motoring along already!

Being completely honest, start to wean yourself off those scales....believe us, they are not your friend!!! They are leading you into a false sense of security that will turn on you later down the road!!! :)
Being completely honest, start to wean yourself off those scales....believe us, they are not your friend!!! They are leading you into a false sense of security that will turn on you later down the road!!! :)

This is such good advice (we're not ganging up - honest :) ) but this journey is about so much more than numbers on a scale. Yes, it's great to see the numbers drop but there are other indicators too ... inches, energy etc.

Like you, I was a weighing fantatic. I weighed myself not just once a day but EVERY time I went into the bathroom. I was curious about the amazing ups and downs throughout the day. And of course, the week one result was fab and I was chuffed to bits. Week 2 was a bit of a disappointment at just 2lb then in week three I only lost 1lb and almost blew a gasket.
A very wise lady on the boards advised me to get rid of my scales: I did and never looked back.

We drink a LOT of water on this diet and it can really mess up the figures i.e weeks we've lost FAT but not lost much WEIGHT because of water retention. There is only ONE weigh-in that matters and that's the 'official' one at your CDCs. In fact, even THAT becomes less important as time goes on. Our weight is only ONE factor.

I've been off the diet for a couple of weeks and I know I've been a P-I-G ... consequently, I KNOW I've gained heaps. I know because my clothes are tight. So when I go back to my CDCs on Jan 8th, I've decided NOT to get weighed but wait until my clothes have loosened up again: I know how disheartening numbers on a scale can be.

That aside though - I'm not detracting from how you must be feeling today with 4lb already gone. Keep glugging that water and the fat will just melt away!
Well I am not that bad lol

People may disagree with me but after giving up food I felt I needed to weigh this morning to give me the motivation to carry on doing this and I bet there isn't many who didn't do the exact same thing after day one.

Yeah inches count and so do clothe sizes but when you are my size and morbidly obese so do the pounds. Well they do to me and everyone is different.

After many years of being overweight and many failed diets I know what scales can do to you and I do not intend to let them be my sole reason to carry on or stop this diet. :)
Sorry if you thought we were being a bit 'pushy' on the weighing thing ... if you look at my ticker you'll see that I know what you're feeling as I was morbidly obese too (now I'm just 'obese': can you believe I'm actually looking forward to being merely 'overweight'?? :) )

It's just something to bear in mind if, one day, you get on the scales and feel disheartened - forewarned is forearmed xx
I only get on the scales on weigh in day as mine are the same as my gps, I had to weigh in on his scales as at chemist there scales didnt register me, so by drs and my own scales I have lost 3 st 5lbs but by chemist its only 2st.....it took 3 weeks to register on there scales. So in the future if I need to visit gp will always ask to see how my weight is doing....lolol...
Anyway it was my week 4 when I had my 1lb loss I was gutted but it has passed.
Well done Lisaloo, brilliant start.

Keep up the good work