well im back !


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hello im back after the month of eating crap was going to wait til new year day cause got a party new years eve but decided can't feel like this no more i feel discusting , i no ive gained weight as my jeans are tight but don't no how much cause my scales are broke so tomorrow morning heading into town to get myself some new scales, day 1 will be tomorrow will be daily weighting until im back to my pre bing weight and then will be weighting in weekly ,
will be back on tomorrow with my weight update and how my days gone hopefully tis will be easy as im o sick of food i even hade the choice of takeaway the other night but turned it down cause i can't stand the food no more , i tink this is the time to jump on the waggon and get to my target and maintaining for once and for all , if anyone else want to join me on this journey your very welcome could do with the support x
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Welcome back and good luck x


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Hiya, you sound very motivated to start this diet. Im starting on monday and like you, Im currently sick of the sight of food. Have more than over-indulged over christmas and I find im not even enjoying the taste, just constantly eating for the sake of it. Good luck with your journey, look forward to hearing about your successes!


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Welcome back honey temple!!! I'm back too! Restarted yesterday weighing 11st 11lbs!! This morning I'm 11st 7lbs!!! Gotta love Exante when your in the mindset and it sounds like you are. I too was gonna start Monday but yesterday morning was so fed up and miserable I thought sod it! I'm daily weighing till Monday then gonna try n not weigh for 1 month..... Haha! The scales freak that I am will find that a challenge. Hope those nasty scales aren't too horrible to you today. Xx


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Welcome back, I feel like you. I feel full to bursting and like I have been eating for months instead of a week. I am starting today too and am going to take the dog for a big long walk (in the rain) and go for a swim later. I am pretty sure I have gained but too scared to get on the scales until I feel 'in the zone' again. All the Christmas food has gone so it is either food shopping or start today , so today it is!!! Good luck!;)


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Welcome back :)


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I'm back aswell! SO glad there are other people who have been feeling the same about food. I actually think getting fed up of food could be the trick. Back on it today and I don't even want to eat coz I ate so much over the festive period.
Work trousers are a little tight, so annoyed with myself, but I know they'll soon be hanging off like they were before my binge-athon!!

I'll be here constantly with you guys as I really think this will be the one! Weighing myself tomorrow morning as I didn't have time this AM.

2012 is OUR year girlies!!

Nic xxx