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Well im now at target but....

...it doesn't feel like i had hoped it would a stone and a half ago.
I think i will carry on with the diet a bit longer and see if losing a bit more makes me feel better.
What upset me a bit last night was on Supersized Vs Superskinny, they quoted that the average weight of a 5'4 woman is 8.7 stone and im now that at 5 foot and its soured the feeling of achievement a bit.
Sorry its a moany post but i feel on a bit of a downer :-( :sigh:
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Trying very hard!
If you look at your BMI though you are in the healthy range.
If you loose that extra stone do you think you'll find that easy to maintain? The weight you are now might be more sustainable for the future.

Also have you been for a good clothes show reciently? If you try some different things on and really get to 'see' yourself you may start to feel differently.


Serena's title didn't fit

It's all about feeling comfy isn't it? I think it's possible to maintain a lower weight but I think the question really is do you want that?

Do you still have goals e.g. clothing size x doesn't fit yet? (or something like that)

That may not be solved entirely by doing CD. I fit 10-12 clothes now but when 10s don't fit it's because of the boobs and my fat tumm! ;-) Can't get rid of that with CD! :)

So, do what makes you feel best! :)

Thanks for your replies. I know i probably seem terribly ungrateful but its just not how i thought id be feeling. I think i need to start going gym to tone up as i have a wobbly belly that hasn't gone at all lol!
Gonna get my nails done in town and carry on 810 for a while longer and see if another 2 pounds or so suddenly makes the difference.
There is obviously no pleasing me, is there? x


Serena's title didn't fit
Aww hon!

You're not ungrateful, I think most of us understand where you're coming from! You thought you'd feel different but you don't, weird isn't it?

Doing 810 for a bit more while finding out what you want can;t be bad!

Well done for reaching target.:553: Bet you look fantastic! Why dont you post some pics, or even look at some, so you can see the difference. Treat yourself because you have done it and got to target and are an inspiration to us all who want to follow in your foot steps x
"What upset me a bit last night was on Supersized Vs Superskinny, they quoted that the average weight of a 5'4 woman is 8.7 stone and im now that at 5 foot and its soured the feeling of achievement a bit."

That's an AVERAGE and includes people that were massively under weight like the girl featured on the program. I was watching it with my daughter who is 13, about 5.4 and weighs about 9 stone. She has a lovely, healthy figure and I'm not just saying that because I'm her mum but I did see the look on her face when they said it. I am worried that she will have issues with food like I have and that really bothers me. Although programmes like this are really interesting, they can sometimes have a real negative side. Well done on reaching your first target but there is no reason why you cannot reassess now you are there but do it because its right for you, not because of what someone on TV says ! xx
I know, i know. Thanks a lot everyone and sorry for seeming so ungrateful. Now if i could only win the lottery, maybe that would make me happy........! x
I think the real honest answer is that you have to feel happy and comfortable in your own skin. If your BMI is below 25, you are probably at a healthy weight, so it really comes to your comfort. Don't let some stupid television show make you think you haven't done enough!
Am feeling in more of a positive frame of mind thanks to you lot (you know who you are!) and brought some jeans in town after getting my nails done and they are a size 8!!
Fully aware that different shops have different sizing but dont care, am overjoyed as never had anything size eight before.
Yay yay yay!! :talk017:

Think im gonna sleep in them :p
Glad you're feeling more positive

I watched last night and at 5' 5" was gutted to think the average weight was 8.5 stones - to be honest, that is a BMI of 20 which is verging on underweight, and with a so called obesity epidemic in the UK find it very hard to believe. Maybe he meant to say "ideal" weight.

Anyway you are in the mid range of healthy BMI and are blatantly a fabulous slim as your size 8 jeans attest to. Congratulations on hitting your target - enjoy it for a while and maybereevaluate in a few months when you've got used to it!

Well done you

Carol x
Please don't let that stupid programme bother you - it's full of dubious 'medical facts' and I wouldn't trust any of it. I don't believe that supposedly 'average' figure for one minute. It really angers me to see programmes like this posing as shows about health when in fact they're just voyeuristic and no doubt 'alter' the medical facts to suit them and provide more entertainment. grrr! xx
I'm only scanning these replies quickly. As i've just read your thread i feel i need to reply quick.
I'm only 5'4" and sitting just over 11 and half stone. Still well in the overweight category but having lost 3 stone i am feeling good. I would dearly love to be 10 stone. I dont think i will ever make it but if i do i also dont think i could realistically maintain it but i'm here to have a go.
At 11 and a half stone, i know i am overweight, but no longer obese, i can wear a lot of size 12 but often a 14 (average british women is a 16), i have plenty energy. As i said another stone would be fab but it would be a much tougher battle and it would be constant.
At 5'0" your BMI is spot on (and i'm green with envy). Please look at your life and how much better you are feeling. You have done the work, lost the weight.
I'm sorry i'm rambling but please please do not pay attention to the 'size zero' programs you sound as though you are looking fab.
Mind over matter.
Aww thank you so much everyone, genuinely. I feel a bit guilty about posting now having reflected on things and am surprised i haven't pee'd a lot of people off, so thanks for not having a pop at me.
I think if i could have one of those cardboard cut out thingies of me at my start weight and stood it next to me, i would clearly see the difference. I think because i have seen myself all the way through the process, its not been uber noticeable to me. Does that make sense?
You lot rock xxx

Serena A

Can't think of a title
Totally makes sense...I still have a "fat" day every day in my head :-( Know what you mean about not seeing your own progress...it's only when I try on my pre-CD jeans for fun sometimes that I think OMG were these really too tight 6 months ago??!! Don't worry I'm sure our heads will catch up with our bodies one day!


Purple Hugs

Loves weight.. training!
I watched supersize v's superskinny too and I think honestly he used 8.5 stone as an example to the woman as she was under 7 stone.. lets face it if he'd said 10 stone she'd have freaked!!
I'm not saying it's not the average, but he clearly states taht 20-25 is the healthy BMI and says this every week.

I really am pleased to read your updated post about size 8!!! :D THAT is fantastic! :D I was going to suggest that maybe trying clothes on in shops you wanted to shop in would help :) As the brain is a bit slower than the body to lose weight.. i.e. sometimes we have a distorted image of ourselves.

Using Supersize V's superskinny again.. they are always horrified by how they look aren't they.. they don't have that viewpoint (as they get in the photos) and I think this is true of most people. ;) How many times have you seen someone wearing something totally impractical.
Thanks a lot, I see what you mean re the programme. Still think the jeans size thing was a one off but still claiming it lol!! x

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