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Well i've got my supplies!!

I've just been to see my consultant for the first time i spent an hour and a half with her. I've got all my supplies and start on SS tomorrow, luckily i'm tall so can have 4 products a day. I've got a variety of porridge, shakes, soups and made up shakes for when i'm at work. I'm going to start first thing tomorrow. I feel really nervous but i'm determined to give it a good go. It seemed weird taking my weeks food home in one bag lol. You'll be hearing lots off me over the next few weeks as i definately need support. I've applied to go into the SS room just waiting to get in now :)
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Excellent. No need to be nervous, you've already done a few of the hardest steps.

The Strictly SS forum has been a little quiet, but with more people posting we could easliy revive it.

Good luck for tomorrow, I'm sure you'll be just fine. :)


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Good luck for tomorrow. I'm sure you'll do really well. The first few days are the hardest, but just make sure you drink plenty of water, and keep checking this board for support. :)


I can do it!!
Hello and Good luck!!

(I got my first lot of food this evening too! Just started SS for the first time. I had the Chocolate Mint Shake and it was surprisingly nice (I was not sure whether I would like it) Had a sip and it was nice, and then added ice and was even nicer.
I felt funny carrying all the food in one bag too, my partner he was surprised that was all I get, but he's supportive. Hopefully see you in the SS room soon (when i've got enough posts) xx


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Good luck! As others have said, the first few days are the hardest but you can do it.
I've just had my first dish of the day lol. It was the original porridge and quite nice but unfortunately a little lumpy but i only mixed it with a spoon so must try something different with it tomorrow. Right off to work for me. Wish me luck :)
Good luck and keep drinking that water lol It makes it a lot easier
Well its nearly lunch time and i'm still alive lol i think my worse time will be this afternoon, but we'll see i've still got three more products to have so should be ok :)


please try again
hope your first day has gone well

welcome to cambridge :)
First day went well though i was in bed at half eight lol to avoid the hunger. Half way through day two and its still going good, i just need to wee lots with all the water. Oh well i'm determined to give it my best shot.
hey hope ur getting on okay, the frequent toilet trips will soon pass once ur body regulates. lol. xx
Day three for me its going ok yesterday afternoon was the worse. Don't think i'll be a long term cc person think i'll do this for perhaps a month then go back to sw or atkins.
Just because its not a healthy thing to do long term i would like to lose a couple of stone doing this then learn to eat healthily three times a day by doing something like ww which can be done long term and i won't fail just know what i want and how i want to achieve it.
Have you looked at the other plans after step 1? If you would you can see that CD wants you to learn how to eat healthly again and they do not advise you to just quit after sole source, but actually move up the plans and thus calories. Resulting in the person learning to eat healthy and making the right choices. But I agree with the above poster, if your heart is not in it then most people fail on this diet.

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