Well ive taken my 1st step.......


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well done, I am on day four and if i can do it so can you.. take all the tips on here to make it easier.. especially the sticky on the top of lipotrim forum about getting through the first week it helped me no end xxxx good luck and stay positive x thats the key


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Good for you taking the first steps. Wishing you well on your LT journey. Minimins is great for support, we are all rooting for you.
Good luck
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Good luck Vicci for your first week on Lipotrim, I am sure with the support from your work colleagues and this forum you will do amazing. Dont hesitate to ask anything if you need any help.

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:welcome: to lipotrim and just wishing you good luck for your first week. Just keep busy, once you get through your first week you will feel much better.XX


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all the best hun, ya have already taking the first step and its all downhill from here!!


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Welcome sticky, you can do this, stick it out and give it a few days, it will take a few days to get into it, once you do your start feeling better and the weight will come off


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Good luck for your first week! Get through it and it will be so much easier xxx


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good luck sweetie. Honestly if you stick to it, it will be the best thing you ever do. Keep coming on here too for support- everyone is so lovely.keep us updated with how your getting on xxxx


Here we go again!
Good luck for your first week Vicci! I'm on day 14 and it's not as bad as I had told myself it was going to be. The first week is the hardest but just keep going and it does get easier. Think of your goal and keep positive. You will be fine.


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Good luck, this forum is great. Some very funny people!