Well my one meal out


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Turned into 2 days:eek:

I had my meal out on the wednesday, then had all my shakes on the Thursday as normal, but by 10pm I caved and had mash nd grvy (left overs from hubby's dinner oops).

So Friday and Saturday I ate as 'normal'. Didn't really go over board, but my IBS kicked in Saturday night and I was really ill during the night - that'll teach me.

So yesterday I had my allowance and I'm back to normal being day 2. Hopefully Kitosis will jump in quickly and my weigh-in tonight won't be too bad, I'm actualyy hoping I've sabilised - there's no way I would have lost anything! I'm also due on this week so I think I should factor that one in as well.

I now have to break the news to my CDC - I'm dreading it as she hasbeen so encouraging so far
Good luck for your weigh in and well done for getting back on track:). I'm sure your CDC will understand and be really helpful in putting this blip behind you.
Don't worry about what's happened, it's past now. Hope tonights session went well with your CDC and Ketosis arrives soon for you :)

Kitty xx
I had a really nice email from my CDC when i told her that i was restarting for the millionth time today-

She said it didn't matter to her how many day 1's i had so long as i continued to try and didnt give up!

She said i was just going through a rough patch at the mo and it would all work out in the end!

Thought i'd share as it made me feel good this morning! :eek: