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Well thats a bit scary.

Ive seen a friend i havent seen for a very long time today and shes lost a lot of weight on a VLCD plan and she was telling me all about it and what her support groups where like.
Well oh my i thought she had joined a cult! There was a lot of "They would try to make me eat (insert meal here)" and "They were not supporting me but my group were the best" etc etc. It just sounded like she was talking about people who where trying to hurt her but these "They" people are her family and loved ones. All i can say is she has definately terrified me out of ever going on a plan like that.
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I always say live and let live, people can do whatever diet suits them because the choice is theirs but I would never ever do one because I know that you can still lose weight without going without food. That and I'm a raging food addict lol!
I agree - each to their own! As I've just tucked in to a gorgeous roast cooked by OH and now enjoying a glass of vino I know I prefer to lose weight this way! Having said that, I'm sure friends of mine who don't need to lose weight probably thinkg I'm part of some 'cult' the way I talk about SW!!!


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I'm on a VCLD and I promise you it isn't a cult! I'm doing it because I have a thyroid problem and can't lose weight just eating less...in fact if I eat at the WW level, for example, I'd put ON weight! Plus I have a deadline I have to meet.

It is an extreme sort of a diet and one I think you only go on if you are desperate. But it isn't dangerous (the one I'm on anyway).

I'd always say if you can lose by eating less - do that! VLCD are an extreme choice but a valid one in some circumstances.

Some people (loved ones and others) try to make you break your diet whatever diet you are on. I think people feel bad if you are not eating the same as them. This can be frustrating on any diet, especially over Christmas!
Oh no im not saying its a cult (just how she was brought it to mind or wrong in any way), it just worried me a little that she seemed very against her family etc. I agree each to there own, i couldnt do it i dont have the willpower. Possibly the huge change in her from when i last saw her (not weight wise more her character) has thrown me a little, she was very passionate about the plan and wouldnt hear a word another way. She thinks im mad doing SW so its horses for courses i guess. I havent tried to put her off it, wouldnt dream of it as its her choice.


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It isn't healthy to do long term. It's a short term, get weight off quick diet. You aren't allowed to do it if your BMI is 25 or under. It's really designed for people who need to lose weight fast and a lot of it. The shakes and bars you have are designed to contain all the nutrients you need - just less calories.

I'm on Cambridge and they have steps back up to normal eating which you do when you are closer to your goal weight. As you say ClaireLouLou it's a personal choice thing - and I wouldn't have chosen it unless I had to but it does have its benefits. I've lost 17 pounds so far this month!


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I'm on a TFR diet, the one I'm on is Lipotrim and all I can say is that they're not as bad as what people actually think. Yes they're a very harsh way of losing weight and is not made for the faint hearted, but I have never been happier or healthier for years.

It's typical of family and friends to try and break your diet. Either out of concern or jealousy. My family try to get me to eat all the time, as they see food as a comfort thing and in my family, especially the Moroccan side all they wanna do is feed you. 'Oh you're getting married? come I'll make you a sandwich, you passed your exams? I'll make you something!' LOL it's nuts.

It's just something that we have to deal with really. If you've got the will power and determination to do it, go for it. That's with VLCD's and all other diets alike anyway :)


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Its amazing how there are whole sections of the forum dedicated to it but people are still jumping to conclusions. There are plenty of begginners guides on the forums to read. Its very itneresting. It can be healthy so long as you follow plan and you can lose a lot of weight very quickly.
I agree that it comes off, but does it stay off? From what I've seen and read about these types of diets, they don't seem to teach you anything so you don't go back to your old ways as soon as the weight is gone.

Do they teach healthy eating of proper food?
I still don't think losing weight that quickly is healthy unless you have to do it for a serious medical condition. Sorry!!

I think each to their own, I for one have no medical condition and was given an excellent medical report on completing the diet nearly two years ago.


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Here's the advice from the NICE guideline on the management of obesity:

  • For sustainable weight loss, recommend diets that have a 600 kcal/day deficit (that is, they contain
    600 kcal less than the person needs to stay the same weight) or that reduce calories by lowering the
    fat content (low-fat diets), in combination with expert support and intensive follow-up.
  • Low-calorie diets (1000–1600 kcal/day) may also be considered, but are less likely to be nutritionally
  • Very-low-calorie diets (less than 1000 kcal/day) may be used for a maximum of 12 weeks continuously, or intermittently with a low-calorie diet (for example for 2–4 days a week), if the person is obese and has reached a plateau in weight loss.
  • Any diet of less than 600kcal/day should be used only under clinical supervision.
So there clearly is a place for them. My personal view, and it is only that, is that I lost weight pretty much as fast doing SW as i could have done on a VLCD but I ate a lot more and was far happier in the process. :)

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