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well thats breakfast sorted


Gone, but who cares huh
I finally got round to trying the porridge, made with the psillium husks, now ready brek it aint lol, but its a quite aceptable substitute, although i will be making half the quantity as there was far too much there and although the dog was very grateful for the other half, i think half will do me in future.:)
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This is how I make it - but you soon develop your own 'taste'.

Mix up a pack (toffee & walnut, banana, vanilla, chocolate all work well) with 300 / 350ml of very hot water (not freshly boiled).

Pour into a bowl then sprinkle about 2/3 teaspoons of psyllium husk powder on top. (Use what works for you once you get the hang of it)

Whisk briskly with a fork or balloon whisk until smooth. (I use a stick blender but 'some' blenders can produce a gloopy mix - best stick with the fork method to start with)

I sprinkle a little cinnamon on mine. It's not 'Scots porrige oats' (more like semolina actually) but makes an acceptable 'meal' when on a VLCD. :)


Gone, but who cares huh
yup i used russian dolls recipe , thanks for that, im a person who needs brekkie, and i really missed it, and couldnt stomach a shake or soup or bar at that time, and i feel so full, but i notice now im very thirsty,
Ooo, I have the husks through the post yesterday and will have a vanilla shake with mine - no harm in trying!!!
Psyllium husks can be used on SS from day 1. They are just the outer husk of a plant and cannot be digested (they're carb and cal free). They're used purely to add 'bulk' to your diet and they do this by absorbing liquid (which is why you get more thirsty and need to drink more).

In answer to gdollery, yes, I add it to my soups as well - turns them into a thick broth a bit like lentil soup consistancy and makes a much more substantial meal of it.

You just do the same thing as for the porrige but with the soups instead. :)


Gone, but who cares huh
the only thing i would say is if i had tried this at the beginning i probably wouldnt have liked it much, but its amazing what a week or two of no food can do to your tastebuds lol
I love Psyllium with my soups but i just cant like a hot shake........

Taz x
You have to sort of get your head out of 'shake' mode and into 'hot semolina' mode. It's all head-work (as is most of this dieting lark).

CD thing - your comment made me chuckle ... and it's so true. I wouldn't have touched the stuff pre-CD!


Gone, but who cares huh
my only other advice would be to make it up in half the amounts reccomended as it makes an awful lot, my dog ate half mine and lay there with his legs in the air for half an hour, !!!

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