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Well the Hunger was worth it - 5lbs lighter today!

Can anyone help?

I seem to be hungry a lot at the moment and it's getting me down a bit.

Today is day 13 SSing and I've been very good and stuck to it religously. I'm drinking between 4 & 5 litres of water each day and haven't changed my routine at all but for the last few days I have been almost constantly hungry.

It was driving me nuts yesterday - the constantly growling stomach was very distracting!! I don't feel much better today. I'm in ketosis so surely shouldn.t be feeling like this?

I tried splitting one of my shakes into 2 to reduce the gaps between food and made a shake into a muffin last night as I thought something more 'solid' might help but it didn't really.

Does anyone have any suggestions or advice? I don't mind feeling a bit hungry - it is a diet afterall but this constant rumbling emptiness is horrid and I know it could eventually make me cheat.
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The only advice I can give you is to drink more water (this will pass I promise) or peppermint tea or do something to forget about it!!

Hope that helps .. but don't cheat!!! It's not worth it!!


Busy busy busy!!
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How tall are you?? and how many CD are you on?? Just wondered if you should be on 4 instead of 3???

Are you sure it is real hunger?? not psychological hunger??? You are doing all the right things with drinking water/splitting packs.

Have you spoken to your CDC??
i felt abit like that last week,very nearly caved but didn't i feel fine again now not hungry at all,kinda thought it was just my head i drank decaff coffee at the worst times now i'm thinking i'm getting near to the totm and always really hungry the week before and crave all sorts so i am putting mine down to that.
glad i'm over it now so stick with it it will pass.


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Hi Mrs Wobble,

I'm on day 13 today too, though I have done cd before. Last night I was also really really hungry. I think the body takes a while to adjust to how little the intake is on SS, especially if, like me, you're used to eating a lot.

Hot drinks really help to trick my stomach into feeling fuller. Also, if you have some mix-a-mousse try making some jelly with the water flavouring. Actually eating something with a spoon really tricks your body into feeling fuller :D

Let me know if you want the jelly recipe :)

Stick with the diet though, it WILL get easier :D :D
Thanks everyone for the advice.

I'm 5'7" so not quite into the 4 pack height limit. I think the hot drinks are a good idea - I'm going to try having a hot shake to see if that helps.

I never thought of making jelly - that's a FANTASTIC idea. I always feel full after a mousse so that would definitely be worth a try - can you post the recipe please.

I was 'psychologically' hungry last week but I knew it was just my head so it was easy to cope with, but this feels like proper hungry tummy hunger!

Never mind - 2 days to weigh in so I'm not giving up!!!


Busy busy busy!!
S: 15st3lb C: 13st11lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 33.1 Loss: 1st6lb(9.39%)
Maybe you need to have an extra pack - or even half pack on the days when you feel you are really hungry.

Are you doing any extra exercise???

Good luck for you WI.
Thanks again to everyone for their tips.

Well I didn't cave in, I toughed it out and made some packs into truffles so I felt like I was eating something and just endured it really.

But it was worth it - my 2nd weigh in this morning and I've lost 5lbs!! I'm feeling really pleased - 16lbs in 2 weeks - it's amazing!!

Hope I can continue to lose about the same each week - I'll be at goal by the end of September if I do! Even if I have a few up and down weeks then I'll still be at goal before the end of the year!

How fantastic is that - this is the last year I'll be fat!!!

:bliss: :bliss: :bliss: :bliss::bliss:


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Fantastic news on your weight loss!

Well done you!

Just a thought but I find my stomach rumbles terribly if I use the water flavourings a lot in a day. I've pretty much managed to cut them out completely now and never get tummy rumbles. But I know as soon as I have a glass with flavouring then a couple of hours later the rumbling starts again. I dont think it is hunger but it feels very much like the growl your stomach gets when its hungry and it was starting to make me feel that maybe I was properly hungry if you know what I mean....maybe this doesnt apply to you but just thought Id mention it anyway!



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