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I have given CD another bash only to be dissapointed with myself for not sticking with it again. Think i have finally come to the relisation that i have had enoughof VLCD. Had a very long chat with my friend and have been doing alot of thinking. I have already lost the bulk of what i needed to lose so whats the rush for the rest, and al the time i am trying to get back on cd i am wasting time. So i have decided to give ww another bash, I am going to weigh in each week and get rid of my scales at home.

I feel abit sad that i couldn't do cd this time but to be honest it makes me so unhappy when i fail that i just set myself up for a fall.

Hopefully you guys will understand and accept me back on the ww boards. I do feel like i am messing you all around but it has taken me a while to decide what i want.

Anyway heres to lots more posting.

Lots of Love Busy XX
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I know EXACTLY how you feel,I did CD last year lost nearly 3 stone and regained it all in 4 months :eek: ~~~~~know you wont xx
But I tried for 8 months to get back on Cd and couldnt :confused: God know why?But I did WW and lost 1stone and was annoyed it wasnt quick enough?But I had 4 stone again to lose.

WW is fab and you havent lots to lose now by christmas you'll have a stone off.
Please post as your support is fab


Bellybee of course we all understand! I'd safely say the majority of us have tried every diet there is and flitted from one to the other, you just have to do whats right for you. We'll get there, just stick with it, I've had so much yummy food today and have points left so its really not feeling like a diet, its great! :)


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Hi Busy,

I totally understand where you are coming from myself having made the switch recently.
I really am enjoying doing WW.
It will take me ages to lose my remaining weight but I am concentrating on enjoying eating again and regaining control.
My 1st ww weigh in will be saturday and I have probably gained around 7lbs with my glycogen refilling I know this will disapoint me but I am determined not to turn to food for comfort.
I have stopped updating my WW thread not sure why must go do it now.
Good luck Busy.


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I know where you're coming from Busy ... restarts are notoriously difficult and after a good first week back on SS, I've found the second week nigh on impossible.

I'm totally and utterly bored of soup every night and don't want shakes: I want savoury ... let's not beat about the bush - I want food!!

So, as I have only 2st 12lb to go, I'm making the shift over to 790 for a couple of weeks with a view to moving up to 1000.

I know my remaining weght loss will be much slower but even at half a stone a month, I'll be done and dusted by the end of March.

I'd rather commit 100% to something more 'relaxed' than keep getting my knickers in a knot over SSing. I'm starting to feel resentful and deprived: and the minute that happens you're really on a hiding to nowhere.

Anyway - I'll at least give it a go and see what happens. Good luck with WW Busy! Keep us posted.


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How are you doing Debbie?...:) :) :)


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I absolutely agree with your decisions. There is no way you can do a VLCD without a positive attitude and if you feel you have continually failed then how can you be positive about it? VLCD is fabulous for losing the bulk of the weight when we are positive and strong. A healthy diet can get you to goal and teach you also how to maintain the loss.

Good Luck with it.

Dizzy x
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S: 17st4lb C: 16st11lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 43 Loss: 0st7lb(2.89%)
Morning all

Hi Isis - I'm doing great thanks. :) It feels like a great weight has been lifted and I no longer feel the urge to 'pick' because I know that tonight, I'm having a tasty meal and a mousse to follow!

I don't feel deprived or resentful .... I seriously couldn't have faced another bowl of soup! I worked it out that over the past 7 months, I've had something like 196 bowls of soup :eek:

I can't praise VLCDs enough because sole sourcing 'broke the back' of my weight problem and I managed to get rid of the bulk of what I needed to.

Now I'm happy to coast home in the slow lane! :D

How are you getting along Busy??


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I agree

I lost 3 stone on s.s but i just cant get back on track. Last week i made the self same decision i would rather lose slowly and know i can have all that low cal healthy lovley tasty food. Joined w.w on wed having put on 1 1/2 stone from ss loss.
i will make healthy options take part in life again, eat with my family and have a social life. I have been reading a lot of books to get my head round the choice thing and control and the options i can have, and not be deprived. Well thats the plan.
I am looking for a w.w buddy maybe to txt /mail chat.
Busy hope you get in contact would be nice to chat again. I am having the same dilemas as you although you lost sooooo much more on cd i am so proud of you.

Andrene x