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WeMitt calendar???!!!!


I STILL mean it!
Something exciting seems to be happening as a result of the false alarm of "How to Look Good Naked"........... (Please read the thread)
Sharon has kindly offered to help co-ordinate the making of a "WeMitt" Calendar.....so we need 12 willing WeMitts. I know Karen has a list of people who were willing to go on HTLGN, so that's a start.
Assuming there are any profits - we need to decide on a charity to donate them to.A couple of possible photographers have been suggested - see thread.
Ann x
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Well there are so many charities to choose from.....like breast cancer campaign, or general cancer charities, my hubby is thinking on doing the half marathon for spinal injuries unit charity now....then there are so many children charities to choose from.

We should run a vote somehow.
hey is this gonna be a naked calendar....was just thinking about asking ann summers to donate some sexy undies (they go up to size 28/30)

OOOO Sonkie is getting carried away now
We should run a vote somehow.
I think a vote would be a good way of deciding on which charity/worthy cause benefits from any proceeds (maybe we are getting rather ahead of ourselves here thinking that we might actually make any money from our Calendar .. but why not be positive? :) )

Perhaps we could narrow it down to 5 or 6 causes and then ask Mini and Pierce to set up a Poll on the site so that everyone on Minimins can vote for their favoured one :D
hey is this gonna be a naked calendar....was just thinking about asking ann summers to donate some sexy undies (they go up to size 28/30)

OOOO Sonkie is getting carried away now
Go Sonkie!! I see no reason why it should be entirely naked (or, rather, discreetly covered). Sexy undies would be great too! :)
Great Idea. i'd certainly buy one. There shouldn'y be any trouble filling the months , there are a goodly number of you that are at or nearing your goal.I've got a fig tree if you need any leaves. Also got a foxglove tree (Paulonia tomentosa, grown from seed I may add) whose leaves are up to 3 feet across -for the very modest or very well endowed.


Serial Foodie!
i have a lot of ann summers clobber brand new in the garage still. the sizes r pretty limited but it could help.

there r 6 people on the list ann, including u :)

will have to check if anyone else has emailed me and if so, will update here.


Serial Foodie!
lilypad and racie tracie would make 8
That's great! 9 so far!! Woohoo!!

Can those of you who are interested PM either me or Karen with the following details so we can keep track of who's on the list:

Your name, age, contact details (eg. email address), date of starting diet, start weight and current weight

So .. who else is up for a laugh then? :D
Just bumping this up for any more people who would be interested in taking part ...

I'm still collecting name/details of anyone who might fancy getting involved in this (don't worry - you don't have to commit to anything at this stage .. we just want to get an idea of numbers :) )

If so, drop me a PM with the details asked for on the previous page and I'll add you to the list.

Alternatively, email me at [email protected]

Lots of love
Can all those who expressed an interest in the How To Look Good Naked programme and who would like to appear in the Wemitt Calendar please email or PM me with their details (name, location, age, date started diet, start weight, current weight)?

Also .. who else is interested? :D

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