Charity Trek?


I STILL mean it!
Hi WeMitts,
the idea of doing a trek for charity has been discussed before, and now I would like to know who "means it this time!!! I have started a thread on the VLCD forum as well about this.
Inca Trail? Great Wall of China?
I think the charity TOAST (the obesity awareness and solutions trust) would be top of my list for us, and I am in contact with Louise Diss, their managing director.
Ann x
I would love to do something like this. I have looked into it before but would be a bit chicken to go on my own and am unsure of costs etc!!
I think it would be great to combine travelling with something so worthwhile so keep me updated of any future plans please. :)
Would we be limited to only doing it for one nominated charity?
Hi Ann,

I remember reading about this idea before.:)

I am up for this.....DEFINITELY. Whatever it takes to raise funds to do it...please count me in. I'll go and have a look at the other thread on VLCD.