WeMITT Welcome!


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Wow! That was ultra quick getting this up & running!

Ann - have a lovely holiday!
Debbie - hope you had a lovely time at the beach!
Kandy - well done on the new start!
Mrs T & Victoria - both good luck with the upcoming move!

Everyone else - love to all!
Anja xxx
Anja xxx
Awwww - our own little cosy corner! :) How lovely to have our own space - and recognition of how important it is for those with lots to lose to be able to talk about the additional issues involved in shifting a lot of weight.

I think everyone here knows that, for us, it's more of a marathon than a sprint, even on a VLCD (and you can't get much faster than that!)

So I'll start measuring up for curtains, Summer - you plump up the cushions, Anja - you pick out some nice pictures for the walls, Mrs T - you get to choose the colours for the walls, Irene - carpets or laminate? and everyone else, we need your help making this a home from home for when our esteemed leader gets back from her well deserved break in Cornwall! :D

Welcome home everyone!

Debbie x
A big thank you to Mini and Pierce for making this possible!
Hi Guys

very new Wemitt here-but no less happy to be here! I think this special support for us with lots to lose is brilliant. I really could do with the extra encouragement as I am only on week 3 of my low cal plan and this week have lost a big fat nothing - GRRRRRRRRRRRR I've stuck to my cals done loads of exercise all to no avail, so tell me everyone, should I give up? Only joking, of course I won't, it's just a weird week and next week hopefully it will sort itself out. Hope you are all having a good weekend. I can tell Debbie has had a less than exciting time!
Hi Sharon,

Your looking gorgeous and summery in your avatar:)

The sub forum, may sound like it is tiny or something like that, but it is actually a Tardis, it is the same size as all the other forums.

So you can create a little village or bigger in here with all the threads...your very own WeMITTS' City...:) :rolleyes:

Just takes imagination and a dash of creativity and add a dynamic group of women like the WeMITTS...

Then nothing is impossible:)

Love Mini xxx
Copy and Paste photos

I learnt this off Isobel...

If you have photos in photo box or flickr or one of them sites...you can copy your photo from there and paste in on here...it really is that simple.

I did it with the photos I have in the holiday section.

Love Mini xxx
Mini said:
Just takes imagination and a dash of creativity and add a dynamic group of women like the WeMITTS...

Then nothing is impossible:)

Love Mini xxx

Isn't it great that we've all found each other and can achieve some great things together?

Thanks for your kind words, Mini and I'm loving being a part of the Minimins team. Absolutely nothing is impossible when you work together to achieve a common aim :)
Yeah - that's the way to do it! (ooh I sound like Punch!)
When I tried to copy the photos directly from my pc, it wouldn't work, so you do need to have them on a website somewhere first. I'm using my old blog as a launchpad lol