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Wendie Plan???

Hey guys, was just havin a nose around the forum an came across the wendie plan. Was just wondring could any1 tell me a bit abt it, iv workes out that u still eat all your points that you wood normally eat in an entire wk! Is the weight loss greater if you follow this plan? and can you do it every wk, or just once in a while?
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I just found a hole page abt it, i think thats wat it does too!
im wondering if i should try it myself this wk its my first wk bak after being on lipotrim for 3 wks
im gona see how i get on this wk, its only my first wk bak might give it a go next wk and see wat happens;)
Yeah i think your right starlight!
im just really scared ill put on weight this wk after coming off LT
Im actually preparing myself for a gain this wk! i said it to my leader and she said dont worry abt it if u do cos the following wk you'll loose! if i do its not the end of the world its just my stores rebuilding, LT really wore my body out in such a short time im getting bak to normal again now wasnt myself at all! think ill go to tesco an get some more veg in might make some soup tomorro, iv had it before and its yummy :D


Gone fishing
I guess the wendie plan works very well if you do the Flex Points WW diet. It wouldn't break the rules at all and I should imagine many people do similar to the WP without realising.

The CJ plan is a bit more extreme though and you would need a whole new mindset to do that I reckon.
Yeah i suppose your rite!
I no im beong naughty but im not really sticking to my points this wk, its cos i missed food so much on LT!
IM SOOOOOOO bold, i need a lickle slap;)
OUCH!!!! that hurt LOL
ill pull bak now today till i get weighed im bak to work tomorro after wks holiays :cry:eek:h the joys!
how long hav u been doin WW paula?
13 years lol.I struggle soooooooooooooooo much .Ive got 5 stone to loose.I lost quite a bit on cambridge but put it back on :mad:.I have got some cambridge but need to be in the right frame of mind.Since movin to oz 7 weeks ago its all bloody socialising lolxx:D
Oh my god your livin in oz :eek::eek::eek:
iv always wanted to go there, even for a few wks its ment to be unreal!
oh im thesame im always doin some kinda diet, the min i start eatin chocolate i cant stop, ill kill man woman or child if they get in my way LOL
Oh sounds lovely!
how ar u managing to diet over there id find it so hard!
how long u stayin der for ur sooooo lucky

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