Went for breakfast with my mates today!


Back again!!
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Hi all,

Me and my mates have breakfast every now and again and I got a text a couple of days ago saying it was today. Anyway I didn't really want to tell them I was doing CD, so I sat there with my bowl of porridge while they all dug into fryed breakfast. When they asked why I wasn't having the same I just said I fancied porridge and that was that....changed the subject and nowone knew. Felt in control the whole time and really pleased I went and didn't make an excuse to avoid food. Coping really well making meals for the kid as well, its surprising me how easy it is when you are feeling focused and motivated!:bliss:
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Well done for sticking with it......

I haven't had to eat with anyone apart from my immediate family since being on CD but I guess my time will come!!


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Oh well done Tracey!!! xx


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Fantastic - that is a test to show how strong you are - although one of the hardest things to do but good on you hun x


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Well done!! xx


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good on you sis!!!!


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Well done! The porridge isn't as bad as I thought and I ahve the apple and cinnamon one to try tomorrow!