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Went to the docs and......................

I'm on refeed! he was not against Lipotrim type diets in general but was concerned that i have lost 9 stone since he saw me last in March!!!!

He want me to give my bod a rest and get my arse down to the gym, makes sense I suppose. Got to keep him sweet as i may need tummy tuck at some stage although at the moment I have very little skin trouble.

Thank you all for your support over the last 17 weeks it's been real. Including, fattothin, nictastic, futuresbright, nicki26, festival fairy, howdydoody, scazman, lisalisa, cuddlefairy, missyd, msblond, moribbubblewrap and anyone else I forgot.

Just had my first meal of steamed chicken breast and mushrooms/lettuce/mint/spinach/spring onion/red onion/tomato/celery/cucumber/salt/pepper and a dash of balsamic.

Fecking lush :p

The chemist still want to put me in the paper and give me clothes voucher of £200 for the shop of my choice and a certificate so happy days.

I've persuaded him to direct all newcomers on to this forum as i sincerley believe it is the greatest single help of my journey.

I no longer feel a freak, I can play with my daughter without feeling embarrassed for her or myself. I look nicer, I can wear better clothes and my legs dont rub together.

This is the best decision I ever made I will still be on here, especially in the refeed section but if anyone wants to add me to msn i'm on Expose Email

See you on the flipside xxx

P.S I chucked me latest pics on as well.
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bluddy well done !!!

amazing transformation :D:D

good luck with re-feed and maintenance

Debz x


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I think your amazing! Well done hun! You look fab! Another inspirational story!


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Im so pleased for ya hun!!!
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An awesome achievement, WELL DONE and such an inspiring post xxxx
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Well done - and you'll do fine getting the rest of your weight off - you're so focused.

You look great and you should be really proud of yourself

Carol x
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well done and good luck for the future. xx


Is Irrepressible!! : )
I am so glad that everything went well at the Docs and that you have taken his advice and are going to give yourself a well earned rest! 9 stone since March is such a brilliant achievement, you should feel proud of yourself. :party0038:

Enjoy your refeed and the weeks that follow..... and make sure you give them all a run for their money down at the gym! Mate, you have done so well and are a complete inspiration to us all and I wish you the best of luck, health and happiness xx

Sorry was that a bit too gushy?? Well, it is completely meant :D



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You have been a complete star on your LT journey and I hope I can do a tenth as well as you.
Your family will be happier now and I'm certain that you'll do just great on refeed and the gym etc
Please keep posting in the refeed section, dying to know how you get on.
Sending love and encouragement to you xxxx
Firstly may I just say Woooaahhh, 9 stone since March, you must have had to buy new clothes every other week. lol

Good luck in the gym, I am really looking forward to being able to have a really good work out again, just dont have the energy whilst on ss.

You have done a fantastic job and are such an inspiration. Maooosive congrats, much deserved. xx
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WOW Cankster, total inspiration to me hun :)
Glad you are on Refeed & happy about it, that meal sounds divine lol
Keep bobbing on cos I am gonna need your help I know I will & would love to know how the refeed goes.
Good luck with it


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hi cankster,
i don't really know what to say.... fair play to you. you stuck it out and what a result.. this is another great story about LT..and its better cause its a guy.. alot of men just carry the weight and don't care!
And are to proud to get help or buy diet products.

Well done once again and enjoy your 'New life' with your family..


on the up lol
well done hun, food ey lucky one :p
good luck in refeed :)


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well Cankster you have done amazingly well good on you and lots of luck with the refeed hun x

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