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Were/are your losses consistent?

:confused:Just wondering, for how long did you enjoy consistent losses, after starting calorie counting? And is this your first 'diet' or have you tried and failed with other ways of eating?
Apart from my very first few weeks on slimming World (when I was a fart off of 18 stone, and had tons to lose), I've never lost weight for so many weeks in a row. I keep expecting the magic to end:rolleyes:!
Please tell me it doesn't have to end, and I really can get to target for Xmas...:eek:
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About 5 years ago I lost 4 and a half stone calorie counting. I did it from about end Jan to start of Oct and in that time lost most weeks.

I've dabbled in others but CC'ing is the only one I think really works and brings consistent, long term, losses.:)

I lost 4 stone on Lighterlife with a consistant 3lbs a week (apart from first 3 weeks, those losses were higher) I then lost a further 2 stone 3lbs by calorie counting. If I am really really really careful I can lose 3lbs when calorie counting, but I wasn't eating much and it was playing havoc with my metabolism so started to eat more and lost 1.5lb-2.5lb a week and then started to eat even more and lost 0.5 - 1lb a week. A few weeks I stayed the same but that happened even on Lighterlife (usually during TOTM)

I started Lighterlife in August last year and on to calorie counting in December have now been maintaining for a little while.
I've been aiming for a 1000 weekly calorie deficit (so a 2lb loss) and roughly lost on average 1.7lb a week. Sometimes the scales didn't budge, but whenever this happened, I stuck with it and when the scales did eventually move, they moves a significant amount :D


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Ive had a lot of up and down losses i have lost every week, but i was told the water intake is important and obviously how you use your calories, i swim 3 times a week for and hour each time and as i work as a chef im on my feet allday.
itend to eat my exercise calories at the weekend. Im currently on 1200/1400 a day. At the weekends i have been as high as 1800. not every week but at times.


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I always lose little and weekly (when I stick to it 100%). If I even teeter off plan for a day, my body freaks and I don't lose very much at all (if anything) that week - which is good incentive for me to stick to it!!
I low-carbed it for about 5 months at the end of last/start of this year. It worked beautifully and I lost about 3 stones the majority of which in the first 6 weeks. I needed (mentally) to take a bit of time off afterwards tho and just enjoy some good eats. Skip forward 3 months to May and I started CCing. It just seemed logical - like the purest form of dieting - no gimmicks, just physics! (haha that rhymes). I didn't lose at first until I really started tracking my cals (thanks MFP) - cut out all those oils/fats that are everywhere. Have since lost about 4/5 lb in a month. Not necessarily 1pm p/w tho, a bit all over the place!

Well done all!
I've never lost consistent amount of weight :) I do lose just a bit erratically. I did slow right down at the 12ish stone Mark last yr so I'll let you know what happens when I get there this time :)

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I also lose weight really erratically. I find that I tend to stick at the same weight every day for a couple of weeks (I weigh myself every day, naughty I know!) and then suddenly lose a couple of pounds in the space of a couple of days. It's very strange! At the beginning it was more consistent though.
Certainly sounds encouraging :) I'd kinda got used to losing, perhaps, 1.5/2lbs a MONTH, so seeing a steady 1-2 lbs a weeks is hugely gratifying!
Thanks all - long may it continue!
If i stick to the plan then i lose consistently...but there in lies the problem...sticking to plan :p

You are doing really well :D
Thanks Chocolate Bananas :) I AM doing well, and seem to have NO difficulty sticking to plan. Which makes it all the more annoying/frustrating that SW was soooo slow, and finally stopped working alltogether, as imho, that was SUCH a healthy way to eat :-/

But CC just ROCKS!


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I've been on CC for 70 days and I did have 2 weeks when I didn't lose anything at all, but everyone on MFP encouraged me to keep going and I did and the weight started coming off again!! 13 lbs so far, hopefully a few to go yet. Lol!

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