wetherspoons fruit with low fat yogurt pp's


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well we went to wetherspoons for lunch and I had ham salad 6pp worked it from their website then I had fruit (banana, apple & grapes) with low fat yoghurt worked it out using e-source and my calculator and it comes in at 8pp :eek: must say that surprised me would have treated myself to ice-cream if I had known was 8pp.

wonder if it is calculating the fruit as well? Anyone know if this is right?

anyway as lunch came in as under than what I was going to have but then changed my mind I not to fussed still have loads of pp to use (23) had fruit for brekkie lol gonna have ww meal for dinner with veg on side so might have something nice with leftover points for dessert, really surprised that fruit salad came in as that high I would have pointed it at 2-3pp just the low fat yoghurt
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It will have the nutritional information for the fruit as well I'd imagine, so that's probably why it's higher. Though it still surprises me how high it is!