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What 1 thing did you enjoy about CD yesterday?


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People advise to enjoy this diet from start to finish, and im doing that. Yesterday i loved the fact that i could just pull out a bar from my bag, enjoy it and that was lunch over and done with. No thinking "what shall i have from the canteen?, whats healthy to eat from there?" It was freedome for me.

What did you enjoy about CD yesterday?
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I enjoyed going to see my CDC last night (hi Debz lol!) and so far today I've enjoyed the yummy Apple and Cinnamon porridge for breakfast - tastier than the cráp I'd normally be shoving into my mouth!


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yesterday i loved seeing my cdc as i'd lost 6lbs so we did lots of hugging! lol
The other best bit was cooking dinner for my husband! I love cooking, it relaxes me, and i love the fact that i make healthier choices for him and my little girl now and they enjoy it!


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that it only took as long as it took for the kettle to boil to make my hot chocolate mint shake dinner last night:)


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Getting weighed last night and seeing that I'd lost another 6lbs! Also seeing the inches coming off thick and fast!

And then enjoying one of the chocolate bars for my tea in front of the Eastenders


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Seeing my CDC yesterday (5lb loss on her scales) and deciding to do 1 more stone on SS+ and then start moving up the plans. The end is almost in sight :)

I also always enjoy my shakes :)


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I save my bars until mid evening, so then I feel like I'm having a treat! I love the bars!


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I enjoyed going shopping yesterday and feeling good when trying on smaller clothes.. and actually looking in the mirror and liking what I see.. & I also enjoyed my Mix a mousse in the evening x


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I enjoyed my delicious Cranberry Bar, better than any other bar in town!!


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2 things for me:
- being able to wear a top for work that i've never worn as it was too tight when i bought it!
- my hot choc shake last night when i was feeling poorly

what a good thread..
mine was shopping yday and managing to get into 16's no bother i keep picking up the bigger sizes still and not going near top shop.. oasis etc but i can now!! also my first ever froozen choc tetra OHMYGOD.. how good!!!!


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I made the crisps last night and I am totally back on the idea of losing weight and keeping on with this diet :D

I was so concerned that there were so many 'sweet' alternatives but now I feel that I've got something to munch on!!!
What I enjoyed last night about CD, and what I ALWAYS enjoy is my CDC. She's absolutely lovely, a real gem. She was jumping with excitement at my weight which was so touching and encouraging. Though I spoilt things that night by eating lasagne for dinner (oops) but still at goal weight so will stick to SS for a week!

Oh I also love the porridge! Would eat it whether I was on CD or not!


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My fruits of the forest mousse for lunch yesterday and the toffee/walnut shake I had for supper :)
loved feeling fashionable in my new clothes walkign round town !!
CD Rocks !!! x
Great thread Tamgredan,
For me although yesterday was a tough day, I enjoyed getting out into the garden and actually having some energy to help with some of the work we are having.. done....
Today i tried on a 38D bra (normally a 42DD) and it almost fitted :) And it was a sexy one!!! :)



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The fact that broccoli tastes wonderful when you haven't eaten for weeks - and then have some on SS+...

Mmm, yum :p

(how sad is that??:D)

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