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what 5 things would you like to do

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Apart from the obvious like winning the lottery or saving the world.

5 things that are just for you or you and your close ones.

Mine are strange because I have been out of the U.K. so long

1. Go to Blackpool Illuminations and drive the full length and then stop in Fleetwood for fish and chips like we used to as kids with our dad.

2. Show Paul all my favourite places in the
U.K. that he hasn't already visited with me. He has never lived in the U.K. Places like Lym Park, Cheshire, preferably from the top of a horse and ride up to the keep at the top.

3. Have a long weekend in London and take in the theatre....oh how I have missed British theatre. Spend a full day in stores like Harrods, John Lewis, Marks and Spencer's. Visit Fortnum and Masons just for the joy of seeing the red coated doormen, so British. Have lunch in Harrods food department at the French food counter.

4. Drive to Scotland and explore Edinburgh with Paul.

5. A really indulgent one.
Go to the races (horses) in Dubai. I would really love to do this one.

Selfish and shallow................. no not at all. I did say 5 things just for you.
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Lovely thread idea!

1) Move to Fort William and open up a B&B. My "father" came from there and whilst he has never really been a part of my life the rest of the family there are just gorgeous and it feels more like home there than I have ever felt anywhere.

2) Be a SW consultant- I think the plan is genius.

3) To not have to pretend to be confident, and just be it.

4) I would like to not have to worry financially.

5) I want to see the Northern Lights.


I will be a Princess!
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This is a great idea for a thread Sue! :)

Mine would be:

1. Retrain as a doctor and go into forensic pathology. Even though I'm happy as a Chemistry teacher I've always wanted to be a doctor, and it was only my chronic lack of confidence that prevented me from applying for medicine when I was 17/18. To do this though I'd need to win the lottery, lol! :D

2. Spend a week in London, taking in a different musical every day. I absolutely love musicals (Les Miserables is my favourite) so this would be my idea of heaven! :)

3. Have enough money to be able to pay off my student debts and put down a deposit for a nice house of my own. Oh, and it would be nice to have enough money to be able to afford a car that works! :8855:

4. Go to see Bon Jovi in concert...I've been the biggest fan of Bon Jovi for years, and unfortunately I missed out on my chance to see them in Cardiff in 2001 as I had a GCSE exam the following day. To this effect I'd also love to travel to Finland to see Poets of the Fall in concert.

5. I would like to have the confidence to be happy with myself so that I could find myself a nice bloke :sigh: While I made the decision a couple of years ago that I didn't want kids it would be nice to have a husband. Unfortunately I have this ridiculous view of myself that nobody could want me as a size 18 with a face that would turn milk sour! Maybe I need some plastic surgery (again, when I win the lottery, lol! :))

Hmmm...I think I'm going to need a lot of money to do all of these things! :)



Now to maintain.....
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1) to meet rick astley!!!!

2) to be a sw consultant! i love spreading the word...its fantastic and i just know its what i want to do and its the right 'job' for me.

3)to take my children on holiday to florida and have the complete disney experience!! did it several times myself from ages 15-20 and i know they'll love it!.

4) to be debt free!! and when i am i'll never go there again!!!

5) to have a proper true friend/s.


Mini crazy cat lady
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Mine are quite depressing!

1. Visit my Nana and Papas grave in Barrhead, never had the bravery to do it. My Nana was my favourite person in the world, and I chose to go away with the ex, rather than go to her funeral. Still undecided if I regret it.

2. Go and see my Great Aunt in John O'Groats, it's a jolly long drive, and I've never been!

3. Have my dad walk me down the aisle before he leaves us (no pressure!). I've always been a daddies girl, and it would break my heart if he wasn't there.

4. Feel happy and settled in my life, whether it be the right house, the right job, the right curtains! Since the age of about 15 I've felt unsettled, and always been seeking something, but never known what it was.

5. Find someone who will treat me like the princess that I am :) I know there must be someone out there, I wasn't *that* bad a person in a past life.
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Great thread!
1. Save up enough for a deposit on a very modest house for me and OH.
2. Get a couple of kittens.
3. Go to disney land and wear a tiara the whole time! Have my OH say something nice infront of the castle.
4. Have a better job, or retrain as a social worker.
5. To have my own garden so I can grow veggies.
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I've really enjoyed reading this thread
  1. Be a teacher
  2. Have enough money to travel to all the places on 'my list' before I'm too old to enjoy them
  3. Have enough money to pay off my mortgages; I'm lucky(?) enough to have two properties but would really like to pay off the mortgages before too long
  4. I'm such a lucky person I really can't think there is anything else I want, I've a lovely husband, 2 fantastic children & I'm very content & happy with my life.;)


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1. Spend the night in the ice hotel
2. Visit machu picchu
3. Load up the family into a camper van and drive route 66
4. Take the kids to Disneyland in Florida while they are young enough for it to be magical (but once they are tall enough to go on all the rides!)
5. Have a 3rd (and possibly 4th) child
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What an amazing thread!

Five things on my list.

1) See QPR promoted to the Premier League (and not lose 6-0 EVERY week).
2) Get married before my Great Aunt passes away - my nan (her sister) passed away when I was young, and she's been the closest thing I've had to a grandmother.
3) That my child is healthy - I am happy just to have one child one day, anything more would be a bonus.
4) To be debt free, although it'll be a while looking at my student loan statement!
5) To one day be able to afford to buy a house, completely renovate it, and sell it on. And then do it all again!

Kirsty xx


Wishing and hoping!
Mine would be

1) 1/2 stone by Christmas
2) Get a good grade - 2:1 for my dissertation (I would be so proud of myself)
3) Get married to OH next year in the summer
4) Have a baby
5) enjoy Christmas -love it!
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1, renew my wedding vows. We got married in Las Vegas and although it was amazing it was just the 2 of us and i want everyone there this time

2, Train to be a midwife

3, Have another baby

4, Track down my real dad. My mum had an affair with a married man and i was the result. He doesn't even know i exist :(

5, Loose my weight and never feel unconfident about myself again
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This is a great thread

1 Have enough money to never have to worry about mortgage/debt ever again.

2 Go to Australia

3 Be more confident and stop worrying about what other people think of me and get on with my life.

4 World cruise

5 Stop worrying about work


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1) Be debt free
2) have a baby
3) be more happy with myself and love me!!
4) go to south pacific
5) stay in love forever with my moomin


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Cool thread - I'm fortunate to have done most the things I want to. My favouring places are the Scottish Highlands and the Isle of Mull, Switzerland and Rheinland Pfalz area of Germany;) I'm visiting Florida twice in 2011 (hence the need to lose weight).

1. To visit Hawaii for my 50th - Hawaii 5-0 lol.
2. Visit Australia (and the Southern lights - Aurora Australis)
3. Visit China
4. Visit Machu Picchu too! (sp?)
5. See the Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis) from Arctic Circle.

All very selfish but am fortunate to have seen and done most of the things in UK/Europe I wanted to do.
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I have enjoyed reading all your replies. They say a lot about us. We are a nice bunch of folks !!

If I could wave a magic wand and make all our wishes come true I would.

If I could make us all debt free, buy houses, send you on the trips of your dreams, give you your longed for babies, I would. I promise you.


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I have enjoyed reading all your replies. They say a lot about us. We are a nice bunch of folks !!

If I could wave a magic wand and make all our wishes come true I would.

If I could make us all debt free, buy houses, send you on the trips of your dreams, give you your longed for babies, I would. I promise you.
I agree and if I ever win the lottery, I will ensure everyone has one of their wishes on the thread paid for;)
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Oooooh, lovely.

I will:

1) Move to somewhere beautiful (Scotland/Northumberland/Cornwall)
2) Open a combined coffee shop / book shop
3) Have 2 dogs
4) Study for an MA/PHD (may be difficult with my coffee shop commitments, but since we're only dreaming...)
5) To be able to take a year out of normal life & travel the world.
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1) See the animals that I did my PhD on (and discovered/named a new species of) in the wild, as so far I've failed dismally at every attempt.

2) Give up my job and own a coffee shop so I can just bake cool cupcakes and big cakes all day.

3) Go to Milford Sound in NZ.

4) Rescue 2 or 3 donkeys.

5) well, it may be sad, or perhaps sickening but I don't have anymore.

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