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What a difference a walk makes!

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Hey guys,

Well, I'm CD SS (sorta SS+ing) at the moment, and really felt today like I needed to get out in the fresh air. I am one of the most unenergetic people I know, but I found myself dying to take a walk!

So, I grabbed my H2B who was most surprised as this is very unlike me, and off we went (he was a little reluctant at first but I managed to encourage him with my enthusiasm!). We stopped at the supermarket on the way and I didnt feel one urge to buy or eat food - it was liberating! We then went into the countryside and had a lovely walk for 45mins as the sun set.... beautiful!

He even ran down the muddy path giving me a piggy back so I didn't get dirty and wet - now that I am slimmer he finds it easy, and it was great fun! I felt like a little kid but it was so lovely to do something together where it was just us and the countryside, no distractions.

I had felt lethargic and tired before; now I feel full of energy and the cobwebs have most definitely been cleared... hence the title of this thread - "what a difference a walk makes". So next time we are blessed with a beautiful day on the weekend, we have agreed we should definitely go again - and if possible make it a weekly thing.

Why don't you try it? If you don't have a partner, take the dog, or a friend, or even go by yourself!

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Sounds like you had a great time - good on you for getting yourself up and out there :)


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Not sure where you are but weather heres been great too - beautiful clear skies and I am the type to just sofa surf. However, I have had the compelling urge to be out in the country and get some air - feels great, dunnit ? :)
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exactly the same as me hun! i had to prise myself away from the sofa - it was clear blue skies outside and i felt just wrong for staying indoors... there was a big dent in the sofa cushion where i had been sitting there for so long!! lol x
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And it all helps to get rid of those inches :)

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sounds like you had a lovely time!
Awww...great post hun! Sounds idyllic :) Well done you for following a healthy urge! lol Sounds like the day, and the sunset, and the piggyback were all rewards for doing so :)


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As a single parent to a large German Shepherd, I have to go for a walk 2-3 times daily no matter what the weather or how I am feeling that day.

I miss the 'going for a walk because it would make me feel good' option!

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