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What a fab feeling...........

Nearly at the end of the 2nd week of celeb slim.............
for some reason for the 2nd time this week i decided to try some clothes on that didnt fit me 2 weeks ago and some didnt fit me on tuesday well to my delight i tried on a pair of 18 jeans (i was currently a tight 22) the zip at a BIG push would go up on tues and today without a prob straight up!
I also tried other clothes on an them too were loose/too big aswell as my size 20 jeans that my mums told me off for wearing coz there apparently hugeee on my behind!!!!!
im made up :D:D:D:D:D
all in all ive lost 11 1/2 lb
6lb of that was last week on my first week of celeb slm
and the other 5 1/2 was my battle with WW from Jan onwards!!

Sorry to go on all!! Just happy!! xxx
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wowser!! well done chickadee!!!!!!!!!! :D

great feeling isnt it! :D


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Well done hun! You'll be buying a whole new wardrobe soon!
well done your right to be proud


Here we go again!
Well done Clare, sounds as though celeb slim really suits you. Keep up the good work and soon those size 18s will be hanging off you. Great feeling to be going down the sizes isn't it!


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i bet u look great! i did see the celeb slim products in the chemist, u can just buy it right? what does it taste like? is it ok?
SBR08 i dont like the shakes there awful haha!!!!!! i have the soups there drinkable JUST an the bars are ok there eatable i think the thing that spares me on is that i can have a low carb meal of a night :) xx

Thanks kered fingers crossed these ones will b too big for me soon haa!! dont look great yet but give it another 2 stone :D
Well done Clare - it's a lovely feeling isn't it ?
Congrats! Its the greatest feeling in the world, isn't it (next to having a baby!!!)

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