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what a fright


Last night just gettin into bed at back of 1am and hear someone tryin to burst thru my door :O go thru the hall to get a look and some guy is literally slamming his body against my door tryin to break it down. I called out "whos there" stupidly,.....thinkin itscare him away but NOOOO he then shakin the handle tryin to get in then started kicking hell out of the door of my outside storage outhouse thing.....i phoned 999 and they were there in minutes....found him sittin outside out of his face. Apparently he was at the wrong house. Like thats any excuse lol

So glad Sonny didnt wake up....

Still shakin thinking about it grr
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They shouldnt drink like that if they cant remember where they live ! poor thing you must of been scared i know i would be x


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I'd have been terrified too! I'm so glad the police showed quickly. And that the guy wasn't stronger!


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I heard he was trying to get out.......!! :eek:


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god how frightening.
My mums hubby is the same when he drinks, when they were in spain 1 year he went to the toilet, well he thought he had, the security found him in the corridors in his undies, so funny . and least to say embarassing for my mum.:eek:
LOL that reminds me of a story. my auntie lives in a street where everyone knows each other and is really friendly. well this one guy sold his house to move across the road (bigger house) and one night a neighbour had a field BBQ (theres a huge field next to all there houses). He got a tad drunk, went home, or so we thought. The girl who bought his house went home later on, and found him fast asleep in her bed. He had obviously forgottten he had moved house lol.....hes never lived that one down!


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Now going into hiding while you ladies prepare to lynch me.....!!:cool:


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Blooming heck! I remember exactly the same happening to our house when I was little. We were absolutely petrified. The police came and the man was just so placid. He held his hands out while they put the handcuffs on him. Actually he was ok just drunk. We were lucky. So were you.

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