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what a sneak!!!!

:D Hi everyone, just had to tell you about my day!!!
Went to church this morning (last week it was conference so didnt see anyone from my branch) 4 people came up to me saying they couldnt believe how much weight I'd lost and that I looked lovely!! WOW!!:p
From there it was straight to my mums as she was doing a buffet (my mum does not know about LT, I know honesty is the best policy but you have to understand my mum, she would go ape :mad: she'd probably force feed me or something) so I got a plate and put healthy stuff on it, as she knows I am being good. I then took it outside were my husband was, watching the children and he eat it!!!
I went back in the dining room and my mum said 'did you enjoy that!!' I replied 'mmmmm' ;)
I told everyone that I was not having any desert so didnt need to pretend with that!! My poor husband was totally stuffed as he eat mine as well as his own and then my mum gave him a big bowl of desert ha ha ha ha!!! I'll be slimmer than him soon!!! Yipee!!!
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Ha Ha! Needs must and all that ..... bit of a cheat to become slimmer than your DH by feeding him up though ;) LOL! x


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Had to laugh at the lengths you go to.

I've told everyone I'm on this diet - that way I'm not tempted.


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It's a shame your mum wouldn't understand, but at least you can shock her afterwards! Well done to you (and your hubby for eating it all!) for resisting!

mrs bee

doesn't like the rain!
lol, nice one!


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my mums the same Ive told her but shes not happy... neither is my hubby to b, my mum in law 2b or anyone else Ive told...
oh well I want this thats all that matters


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my mums the same Ive told her but shes not happy... neither is my hubby to b, my mum in law 2b or anyone else Ive told...
oh well I want this thats all that matters
Its not whether other people are happy with you doing this its about YOU!

You have to do this for yourself and nobody else. I reckon you should just tell people - especially your family.

They should be proud of you for taking a massive step onto the LT train as its not an easy thing.

If they dont like it tough let em lump it.
This journey is FOR YOU!!

That being said, well done for not eating:)


Gonna be slim again
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hehehe you women! What are you like! :)
Well done for not giving in (and telling mum)!
it was really funny too because we was all sat outside in the sunshine and I had a blanket round my legs and one round my shoulders!!! (still cant get warm on this diet) everyone else was roasting, they must have thought I'd lost the plot!!!!
I totally agree with summergurl, but I know my mum and all the family is scared of her and her opinions!!!! (yep, really that bad ha ha) I still love her to bits though ha ha ha
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good on ya girl !!!!!!! my family are so pleased for me but keep forgetting im on this TFR and asking me if i want stuff lol ie cups of tea lol


I will be skinny again!!!
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If hes anything like my man he loved eating all the food lol!!

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