What a tragedy...


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Awww that's ever so sad. I'm sure quite a few of us are doing this for our children as well as ourselves. my heart goes out to her family xx


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I'm not sure but I think 19 st is categorized as morbidly obese. -I was according to my doctor and was that-. Nonetheless it is sad and a risk people ought to be aware of.


19 stone is morbidly obese unless you are about 7 feet tall, seriously! I should know as I used to be that weight. I am now over that but that is a tragic story, esp as I am considering that surgery!


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This is really sad :(
She was risking a lot for her family
As someone who is probably on the morbid side of health myself i have considered surgery as i'm sure a lot of other people in my position have done before me.

It's awfuly sad and a tragic story but i think the thing we've got to hold onto was that she was doing this for her family and that is something i think her family should hold dear to them.

I do have issue with surgery for weightloss as becomming a common precedure and not one of last resort. I don't think that most patients are fully aware of the risks. Hopefuly as sad as this is it will at least raise some issues that are constructive and possitive for debate.

My thoughts are with the family as i'm sure all of us are.