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What a weekend!!


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Me and the other half decided to have a healthy active weekend.

the idea was that we go swimming on Saturday and Sunday morning ... Well Saturday morning we slept though our alarm ... woops!

So we decided to go for a bit of a hike!

We stopped at boots pick some healthy sandwiches up, water and fruit and set off!

We hiked Moel Famau in Noth Wales - but he took me the long way round!!

It took us 1 hour and 35min to get to the top, it was such hard work, but i did it!!!

We where so close to the top and as we came around the corner and approched the last leg of the hike, my stomach dropped as i saw the almost vertical scramble to the top!!!!

As i huffed and puffed, sweated and was almost close to crying, i found that extra engery and made it to the top!!!!! :D

The views where amazing and i couldnt have done it without Richards support!

I know Richard could have done the hike in half the time as he is a hell of a lot more fitter then me and has been going hiking for years, but he was a true star and a fab support - he even said that he didnt think i'd be able to hike it, but i proved him wrong!!!!

The hike down was almost as tough but once we got back to the car we got a cuppa tea from the burger van ( i didnt have burger before you ask) but we had a cracking cuppa tea, and it was wonderfull ha ha ;)

We even had the energy to be at the pool yesterday morning at 9.20am and do 26 lenths at speed ;)

Today: My muscles are aching to say the least!!

Roll on WI on tuesday - I'll be sooo gutted i've i dont loose this week!

And roll on Body pump and aquaerobics on Thursday - so long as i'm not in as much pain lol :D
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wow, good on you. Sounds a fab hike and you did well to complete it:)

I also had a busy weekend, yesterday i went on my treadmill and then did sit ups and arm toning. Then packed up a SW picnic and with my family went off on a very long coastal cycle trail, it took us 5 hours in total to get home again, did stop several times for drinks and the picnic. The wind was against us on the way back and it was pretty challenging! However, we made it and i was really proud of myself, would not have managed this a few months ago. Finding it hard to sit down today tho lol:)


I can do this............
Go you!! Looks like you have your mojo back this week! Well done miss! I bet you will have a lovely loss at weigh in tomorrow! Good luck!


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Ahh thanks Henna - :D i hope so!!!!

Roz V

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Well done to both of you! It just shows what you CAN achieve if you really push yourself. Feel sure that will be reflected on the scales at WI...

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