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What a winter we have in store

Found this on the web, meant to be a long term forecast for the winter. Looks like I will need to get my fat legs into knee high boots as soon as possible !!!

OCT. Colder than average month, severe frosts and fog.
NOV . Mainly dry month with occasional frost and with fog in the last week a average temp month
DEC. A much colder than average month with regular frosts from start to finish possible a few snow days later on
JAN. A colder than average month with snow effecting all parts of the country during the start and rain later on .
FEB A colder than average month with snow showers and more prolonged heavy snow over the whole of the country during the latter part
MAR. A above average month with mainly wind and rain from the start and becoming sunnier during the latter part
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Fed up of being fat
I still havent even bought a winter coat yet, I need to get sorted! Its a bit misty / foggy here this morning, the kids were having fun making dragons breath in the cold air.
and me Hedgemag, have you got a lightbox etc ?? do they work ?


Silver Member
Oh god thats grim reading. i haven't bought a winter coat yet cos I'm tight and I don't want to get one that will be too big in a few weeks time.

I have SAD and find that the lightbox is really good. Also if you go to a sewing or craft shop they sell daylight bulbs that simulate daylight and these are only a few quid (much cheaper than the lightbox) and they help my mood too.


Tequila makes miaow happy
I have fleecy lined red leather knee boots I had specially made last year (duoboots.co.uk ideal for large calves) and i am looking forward to the cold weather so i can wear them. If i am too thin for them I will sell them on ebay (worth noting - they get a good price on resale even if used)

Also have a super thermal coat by caterpillar that wont do up - but will soon!
Mmmmmmmmmmmmm cold winter forecast - but then weren't we forecast an exceptionally hot summer???!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
V V true bev!!!!

Am I the only one that looks forward to those crisp days, the ones where the sun is out but its so cold that it bites your nose, and the bit about snow, snuggled up with a hot choc mint, with the curtains open looking at the snow.

OMG I love snow.

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