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What about the rest of the family!!

I am going to start CD after I come back from my holidays in June and have found a counsellor etc. However, I am a little concerned about feeding my DH and daughter. I am sure if I lived on my own I would be fine, because I would just ensure that I had no food other than CD stuff in the cupboards, but when I have to cook for other family members, I think it will be pure torture. To top it off, I run a b and b in France and will need to cook 4 course gastronomic meals for my guests. Has anyone got any hints and tips?
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has started again!!
JUst wishing you luck. I have 2 kids and DH to feed etc and mostly I do the cooking. (Its just less hassle LOL) Its really really tough at times, but I just grit my teeth & do it!

All the best, & if there are any great suggestions here I'd love them too!!


Busy busy busy!!
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If you can get through the first 3 days and into ketosis you'll not be hungry and will be fine.

Failing that - you could always invite me over to stay ... so i can keep an eye on you!!!

Minimins meet in France everyone!!!!
Sounds like a bloody good idea to me - you are all welcome, the more the merrier, we could have a big party and get drunk on CD shakes!!


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Mmm I'm with you on that Beverly!!!

I cook every night for my hubby & son ( my son is just polishing off som extra strong garlic bread 7 the house smells gorgeous) and up to now it hasn't bothered me (hope that feeling stays!) You will just have to be really strong and stay focussed on your goal. Goooood luck x


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i think the first week try and cook as little as possible as this is the hardest time. After my first week i seem to have turned in2 some sort of masterchef who cooks for any1 who will eat it!! im just home from asda and i think i bought every herb vegetable spice and meat available. im gonna try out all different recipes. i was never like this before! i dont get tempted to eat it all....i just love making it and others enjoying it!! hopefully u can 2!!x
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oh defo would love to go over to france for a meet :) after our ball ofcourse :)


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I'm like Lisa, at least after getting into ketosis.

I cook anything and everything for my OH and little one, the other night I even made a raspberry cheesecake for dessert and wasnt even tempting.

However, have to rely on OH to tell me if it tastes ok or not as I cant taste it....all he says is 'it's nice'....not sure how to take that.

I'm sure you wont be that tempted at all, not after your first week anyway...

Good luck!!
How can you cook without tasting it!!! I have to taste as I need to know if its good or not.


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I love cooking too, but find it so difficult to know if things are seasoned correctly etc.
Like Penny, all my OH says when I ask him if it's ok is 'It's good'. Everything is good, according to him. I'm probably feeding him some right horrors, lol.


Me on the right! x
I'm with Penny and Lisa... yesterday I brought 3 cook books and today I spent half hour in M&S Food looking for inspiration!! I think I'm obsessed!! :eek:
The boyf will be disappointed when I finish CD as he won't get his dinners/lunches cooked for him like he does now!
For me, rather than going cold turkey ('scuse the pun!) on CD, I got myself into Ketosis by cutting out carbs and eating low fat /low carb veg and protein for 4 days. That way while I was going into Ketosis, I was still eating with the family, then when I was in Ketosis I started on CD.

That way I never felt hungry or particularly deprived. I cook for my 3 children everyday and have been able to manage it, sometimes by cooking them foods I personally don't like if I'm having a wobbly day:D

I would imagine cooking for the family will be ok, but cooking for guests will be hard as you will need to taste the food to ensure it is right.

Not sure how you get around that, other than tasting and not swallowing:rolleyes::p

Good luck, and when you have a French meet up. I'll hopefully be working up the plans so may be able to sample your Cordon Bleu cuisine;)
think I will do some batch cooking and freeze it for my dh for the first week or so. It will be quite weird though as our evening meal, in the garden is the highlight of the day, starting with a G and T, then eating slowly whilst we chat about the world and everything over a nice bottle of red. Think he will have to eat on his own for a while and maybe I will go for a walk instead.
Batch cooking is defo the way forward! I cook pretty much all the meals in my house so before I did this diet I made my boyf lasagne, a fish pie, a curry and a sausage casserole then freezed it in single portions so he can just defrost and warm it up himself as I thought the temptation would be too much for me!
Hi, Just wanted to say good luck and what a nice lifestyle you have eating in the garden with a nice glass of wine..sounds like heaven to me!! xxx

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