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What am i doing wrong????

S: 11st12lb C: 11st7lb G: 10st7lb BMI: 27.6 Loss: 0st5lb(3.01%)
I had my second weigh in last night and i lost 2lbs.

On my first week our leader asked all the newbies how much they lost and every single one (and there were a lot!) said between 5 and 9lbs - i lost 3.5lbs.

I took this with good grace due to the time of the month thinking i'll loose more next week.

This was not the case. Everyone else has lost half a stone or more in their first 2 weeks!!!

I follow EE by the book and don't ever use my syns because it makes me feel terribly guilty if i do!

What can i be doing wrong??? My SW books are attached to me 27/7 and i'm constantly checking the website to ensure i'm staying on track.

And if one more person says "well they've obviously got it to loose" i'm going to scream!! Please help!!! :cry::cry::cry:
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S: 112.94kg C: 112.94kg G: 76.2kg BMI: 44.1 Loss: 0kg(0%)
No they dont have to be bad things. You can use them for ketchup, gravies etc. You can use them for bad things such as chocolate and alcohol (which I do) also. You need to have at least 5 a day as if you dont you will be feeling deprived and go on to fall off the wagon!
S: 11st3.0lb C: 11st7.0lb G: 9st7.0lb BMI: 27.6 Loss: -0st4lb(-2.55%)
We're all different! Please don't be upset. You've had a fantastic loss in 2 weeks. Don't belittle your achievements so far! 5½ in 2 weeks is brilliant. Be proud of it. That's 5½lbs less than you were a fortnight ago...what's not to love about that?

People always, always lose at different rates, and just because some people have a big loss in their first week, it doesn't mean that everyone will. Some people lose 1, half, or even gain. It has been known!

I'll run through some of the usual culprits that may help you as you go along:

- Are you eating enough? This is a common mistake. You can eat to your appetite with SW, so if you're hungry, eat. Have decent portions, don't go hungry. Fill your plate with superfree foods and have lots of 'speed' foods (the ones with 's' and 'ss' symbols in your book)
-Are you drinking enough? Make sure you're as hydrated as possible. Loads of water, fruit teas, sugar-free cordial etc. Your wee should be a nice pale colour!
-Eat your syns! They're there to be used. Not eating them can hinder weight loss, simply because you aren't eating enough calories and your body hangs on to what you've got. Also, if you eat them you're much less likely to feel deprived and go bananas on a syn-binge!
-Healthy Extras? Try to have them every day. The A choices are there for a source of calcium, which as well as being good for bones is reputed to aid weight loss (not sure how, but it's been suggested!). The B choice is for fibre, which is brilliant at aiding your losses for obvious reasons. Try to vary what you have for As and Bs. Don't always stick to bread and milk.
-Keep a food diary. Write it all down. Don't forget that sneaky half a biscuit or odd chip. It all adds up. Doesn't matter if you eat those things, just syn them. If you don't, you could be eating anything up to 50 extra syns in a week! If you omit stuff, it's only yourself you're cheating, and what good does that do?! :)
-Don't compare yourself to others. There may be some common trends and themes, but as you'll see from all of us here, we are all very different body-wise. Trust in the plan, be honest with yourself and it will work.

Focus on the fact that you've had 2 great losses that most of us here would LOVE to have (I certainly would!)

You're doing GREAT. Keep it up...and you'll catch up with, if not pass, those in your class. They might be disappointed soon when their losses slow to the normal 1-2lbs per week. They may even give in. But you'll still be losing. Steady and slow wins the race.
S: 11st3.0lb C: 11st7.0lb G: 9st7.0lb BMI: 27.6 Loss: -0st4lb(-2.55%)
But syns are bad things??? Our leader says you are allowed 5-15 syns a day - not you have to have them.
No, no, no! Syns aren't bad. They're measured quantities of less-healthy foods. It doesn't have to be all chocolate and crisps. You can't have absolutely no fat in your diet, we all need some fat to be healthy. So, use some olive oil, cheese and butter in your cooking and syn it. Allow yourself the odd glass of wine and piece of chocolate...it helps you feel normal, not 'on a diet' and will help you stay on track.
S: 11st12lb C: 11st7lb G: 10st7lb BMI: 27.6 Loss: 0st5lb(3.01%)
Thanks i understand that but i still don't understand how i manage to stear clear of most syns and still don't loose as much as everyone else.

Should i maybe start doing the green or red days as apposed to EE?
S: 11st3.0lb C: 11st7.0lb G: 9st7.0lb BMI: 27.6 Loss: -0st4lb(-2.55%)
Because you aren't eating enough probably...and you are different to the others! Without seeing your food diary it's hard to say, but I'd think it's because you aren't having enough calories. If you totted them up I bet they'd be pretty low...encouraging your body to resist burning them up.

Don't switch from EE yet. You need to give it a good month I'd say. It IS working for you. You're losing! There's no harm in doing red/green days, but why change when EE is working for you? Don't be in such a rush to lose. Losing weight isn't easy...but you ARE doing it. It is working! Look at your stats. You don't have masses of weight to lose. Getting results like you are is brilliant when you're only going for a stone-ish. Trust me, it's SO much harder to shift when there's less of it to go. Loads of us here will tell you that!
S: 11st12lb C: 11st7lb G: 10st7lb BMI: 27.6 Loss: 0st5lb(3.01%)
Thanks HellieCopter!! That really helps, i do struggle to eat varied HEs as i can't live without tea with milk and i'm not fussed on any of the Bs so maybe i should try and fit it in somewhere....

and using my syns on a pint of cider every so often doesn't sound that bad..... :)
S: 11st6lb C: 10st8lb G: 9st0lb Loss: 0st12lb(7.5%)
i would love to loose that amount in 2 weeks!!!!!

look at my stats i have lost 5 in 3 weeks thats with me getting up at 6am every morning for a 1/2 mile swim - so count your blessing and keep going.

i totally agree with others i use my syns usually between 8-12 average a day, some days i use all 15 other days i use 6/7 but i always use them - otherwise you will feel deprived and fall off the wagon

good luck and keep posting here its great!


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S: 10st7.0lb C: 10st7.0lb G: 8st10.0lb Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
stick with it, I'm on my third wk & the girls I go with lost 9lbs in 2wks which I lost six, I'm very happy with tat, it better to loose 1-2lbs a wk anything else shud be a bonus just try & have at least 5syns or more and ur HX'A & B choices good luck:)


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S: 16st1lb C: 10st10lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 25 Loss: 5st5lb(33.33%)
A Healthy weight loss is between 1-2lbs a week. There are many different circumstances that will effect weight loss. People size to begin with, the difference in calorie deficit, etc etc. Any loss is a good loss, its still weigh thats not on you! If you get disheartened, yourll give up and put it back on. Secondly, if youre having no syns whatsoever, well quite frankly yourll go insane! Plus, syns arent just for chocolate or wine, it could be used on nuts, seeds, dried fruit...hummus, all things with essential oils in them that your body needs.... It says between 5-15 syns, not upto 15 syns if you fancy. Use your allowances and enjoy your weightloss.
S: 11st12lb C: 11st7lb G: 10st7lb BMI: 27.6 Loss: 0st5lb(3.01%)
Thank you to all you lovely people for helping me when i felt down this morning. On your reccomendations i have eaten my healthy B otpion (Hi-Fi Bar), used 5.5 syns on a packet mix for cottage pie and am currently eyeing up a treatsize bag of milky bar buttons!

This has helped loads! I feel much better already!!! :D :D :D
S: 10st5lb C: 9st9lb G: 9st0lb BMI: 23.2 Loss: 0st10lb(6.9%)
you are losing the recommend amount, also how much weight have the other people in the group got to lose. Keep at it you can do it. we have about the same amount of weight to lose. :)
S: 11st0lb C: 12st0lb G: 9st0lb BMI: 28 Loss: -1st0lb(-9.09%)
I would agree with some of the others, at least you're losing! I have stuck to it religiously, and exercised, and have put on a stone, which makes my initial 2 stone goal a distant memory, I now have 3 to lose, if it doesn't get any higher! My weight gain is an utter mystery to all, as I've been assured I'm not doing anything wrong. Trying to stick with it, but my motivation is lacking, as I didn't expect to gain. I'm eating a lot more than I used to, which may be the only logical explanation, but the fatter I get, the more I want to give in and go back to eating less. Very hard! So I appreciate your frustration!! Better to be losing than putting on!


P.S. I've joined this community in the hope I'm not alone!

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