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What am I doing wrong??

I stayed the same last week, I got weighed by my cc on Sunday morning & was gutted I did 100% ss :(
I've just weighed myself this morning on my scales as I knew what I weighed on them on Sunday morning & I've lost 1lb :eek: I've moved up to ss+ but surely that shouldnt slow the weight down that much??
I just don't get it? I'm constantly on the verge of crying & I must be a nightmare to live with! The one time I'm so focused & in the zone to loose weight & I give it my all & I'm not loosing :confused:
I'm drinking 3-4 litres of water a day too
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is there a possibility that you could be coming up to TOTM? I know this diet can sometimes screw up our cycles (I'm now a week earlier than I should have been!) - not saying it is the cause, but give it some consideration.

I know it seems really unfair at the mo, but it will come good and you'll get another big loss soon - you're doing fantastically well so far :)

No hun I don't really get totm due to an op I had I just sometimes get a little bit random spotting...

Thank you, I won't stop & I've still got 2 weeks supplies here so will keep going until at least then & if it's still not working I will have to think about changing over to another diet as I just want to loose weight!!
Tell me about it! Last two weeks I've lost 1.25 lbs each week. There might be reasons or it might just be water retention. See how it goes next week. You'll almost certainly be fine.
I hope so!!!?
Ah i know that feeling well. Its one of the bad things about being a serial weigher - everytime the scales dont move you become completely disheartened and want to quit.

Maybe instead of weighing yourself every day - do you have a pair of tight jeans or skirt that you want to get in to? Maybe every few days try it on and see how much better its fitting?

Your weight may stall due to a number of factors, water retention being a prime example. Just stick it out and one day you could be surprised and suddenly have a 3lb loss - thats happened to me many a time :D


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