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What am I doing wrong?

Discussion in 'Slimming World - Weight Loss Diary' started by BRUNTY554, 12 April 2014 Social URL.

  1. BRUNTY554

    BRUNTY554 Full Member

    Hi everyone

    i have done SW green in the past and lost 2.5 stones however stopped and put it all back on and more and since then 2005 I have been on loads of different diets. I was in calorie counting pre my current SW attempt which started in Jan and I have lost 1 stone on that however now been following ee for three weeks and in my first week I lost 2 pounds and the last two weeks sts

    i am really fed up as lots of others say they are successful with ee and lose lots if weight

    i am heavy so surely it should be coming off.

    all advice welcome

    should I do green instead or stick with ee?
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  3. tamkat

    tamkat Full Member

    just replied on your other post too,I would suggest to try a green week,it worked in the past for you so probably will now,I really hope it does as its unfair on you to have 2 sts.EE does work but ive struggled to lose weight on it as I think I have too much free food & not enough superfree & have much better losses eating quorn instead of meat.Hope this helps x
  4. BRUNTY554

    BRUNTY554 Full Member

    Hay. Thanks I just read your post

    i am going to do ee for one more week and see if it does anything and if not move to green

    today I have had

    breakkie. Aldi benefit cereal 4.5s. Milk out of HE A and grapes

    lunch was homemade spag bolognaise with passata and peppers and a muller yoghurt

    dinner will be jacket potato with gammon and green beans

    I am sure I will have some more syns today and I have some mug shots and apples if I get hungry

    i have bananas but I read somewhere that they may stall weight loss and I have eaten a lot of those lately so I am staying away from them

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