What am I ???

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  1. Want2bThin

    Want2bThin Full Member

    Cambridge Diet
    I don't know what i am!!!

    When i started CD i was a size 26. After 10 weeks and loosing 2 stone i decided to go shopping at the weekend with a friend, and i tried on a stunning blue dress SIZE 20!!!! I felt fantastic to say the least.

    Now i had always said that on Sept 15th (when my bridesmaids have their dress fitting) that unless i was a size 20 i wouldn't be trying on any wedding dresses - gave me a goal to aim for.

    After the weekend i was ecstatic that i could be confident enough in trying on dresses too.

    BUT...This morning i went on their website to look at there sizing guide.

    I re-measured myself and to my shock horror, to be in their size 20 dress i need to loose the following inches:

    Bust - 4 inches
    Waist - 6 inches
    Hips - 6 inches

    That means i have 7 weeks to loose 16 inches. It's never going to happen is it :wave_cry:

    I'm so cross that i built my hopes up after just this weekend.

    I had always stayed level headed and told myself "IF (big if) i am a size 20 i'll try dresses on" But i never actually pushed myself or got upset about it (my no1 rule when i started this diet was not to feel down cos i'd just give up)

    I felt like a million dollars in a size 20 dress in the debenhams changing room. The truth is i was so happy i cried on my friends shoulder in the changing rooms. And then that was it - i had it in my silly little head that i was a size 20. :wave_cry::wave_cry::wave_cry: :cry::cry::cry:

    Now all my hopes of trying on dresses are shattered after looking at the size guide online.

    In a way i am so happy i checked the sizing guide because i'd planned on walking into the bridal shop and saying " SIZE 20 PLEASE!" - at the top of my voice of course. My God if that had happened i'd have been so humiliated when the zip wouldn't fasten.

    I know im not getting married for a year, and i know by the time it's here i'll be in that size 12 dress! But for once i just really wanted to try on clothes with my bridesmaids and feel confident in doing it, and enjoy it. Now i can't and i'm feeling pretty grim...

    Sorry for going off on a wobbly, just needed to let off steam and tears...:wave_cry:
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  3. Wanttobeslim

    Wanttobeslim I will do it!!

    Hi Want2bethin

    I was a size 16 in ordinary clothes when I got married but my wedding dress was a 20 as with most dresses you have to go up 2 sizes. I don't know what the reason is for this but it must p*** off a lot of brides to be as you are at a good size but then there is the pyschological thing of you thinking you have gone up 2 sizes... :sigh:

    You ARE a size 20 - wedding dresses are just a whole different ball game. You will get down to the size 12 too - you have a whole year to do it and maintain. Don't forget most wedding shops only have samples in a size 12 anyway, I still remember trying on a dress in a 12 and the woman putting elastic bands across the back so "I could get an idea", to be honest it put me off and I ended up having mine made, it was exactly what I wanted and what's more I can get back into it now :D

    Keep going honey and don't be disheartened :)
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  4. jacsprat

    jacsprat Silver Member

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    I just wanted to confirm what has already been posted. For some insane reason wedding dresses are sized differently and you need to go up at least 2 sizes.

    Dont worry you are a true 20.
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  5. FatFairNForty(ish)

    FatFairNForty(ish) Gold Member

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    Absolutely you ARE a 20. Wedding dress manufacturers are a bunch of skinny moronic dweebs who have no idea!!! I know precisely how you felt and the tears etc... and it's all right!! you truly ARE a 20!!!

    Don't let it get you down, just remember... you've done incredibly well and HAVE got to a size 20... you simply need to find a wedding dress shop that is realistic!! There are LOADS of lovely dresses out there just dying for you to slip them on!

    How exciting to be planning a wedding - wonderful :D Please don't let this get you down... clothes sizes are so unpredictable... and wedding dresses, as we've all said, are not sized on the real world...!!!
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  6. Mrs Roch

    Mrs Roch Silver Member

    Cambridge Diet

    I just want to reiterate what's been said already...

    It's the same in ball gowns/evening dresses... I hired a ball gown last year for a formal function at the Royal Engineers Mess and I was a size 16 (had bought a dress for a wedding about a month before) and I had to hire a size 18 and the ladies in the hire shop explained that they are made smaller...

    Please don't beat yourself up about this, it's not your fault...

    Keep focused - you'll have the dress of your dreams...
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  7. la_tinkerbelle

    la_tinkerbelle Full Member

    Awwww luv, big ((((((HUGS)))))) coming your way....

    You have done so fabulously on this diet, please please keep your chin up and stay smiley!!!! In 2 months you've gone from a 26 to a 20! that's so amazing!!! Just think what the next 2 months will bring, then look at what the next 12 months holds!!!

    I can imagine going down 3 sizes like you, and just like your post did, it almost brings me to tears at how happy I'll be...

    Please don't let some crappy statistics on a website ruin your celebration and your moment!!! Strut your stuff in your 20's and turn your tears into giggles at how chuffed you're gonna be when you can walk into that wedding shop and say 'size 12 please!!!'

    As much as your post seemed full of sadness, know it brought some inspiration and encouragement into at least one person's (mine!) life!

    Have a lovely day, and enjoy the rest of your CD journey xx

    tinks x
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  8. Karen1972

    Karen1972 Gold Member

    Yep just wanna agree with everyone.

    I've recently been shopping with a mate who's a size 18. Her dress is a size 24!! Needs taking in but when she tried an 18 on it wouldn't go anywhere near.

    Our other mate works in the wedding shop and she was saying this is always the case and their sizing bears no representation on the sizing of normal clothes.

    Apparently it's just the way it is!

    YOU ARE A SIZE 20 - Congrats.

    Size 18 will be here in less than a month so don't go too mad on the clothes buying - i did this and wasted loads of money as i was dropping a dress size per month!!!!!

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  9. Sez

    Sez has started again!!

    I cant offer advice on wedding dresses as I was so fat I got married nearly 17 years ago (GASP) that I had mine made for me!

    However, if you fit a 20 at Debenhams then you most definately are a 20!! Your tears of joy were well deserved, I know how tough these VLCDs are!! I started mine in Feb weighing 20 stone, and a size 24/26. Now I can fit into some size 14s and I still dont beleive I actually am a 14!! We're all have these size issues dont we?

    Anyway, wont belong before you are down another few sizes so take your tissues with you when you shop!!! YIPPEE!!!!!
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  10. Want2bThin

    Want2bThin Full Member

    Cambridge Diet
    Thanks so much everyone for your support, kind words and advise. I don't know what is wrong with me lately. Im just so emotional and down in the dumps...:wave_cry:

    I was so looking forward to trying those size 20 dresses on. lol, it's pathetic.

    I really wish i could loose those inches in time, but 6 inches off both hips and waist, and 4 off the bust just isn't going to happen for me in 7 weeks.

    Time to face facts...:cry:
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  11. TTey68

    TTey68 Full Member

    Bridal sizes are PANTS! You'd think -- on a girls most special day they would 'vanity size' - sadly Bridal sizes come up at LEAST 2 sizes smaller and even more with some designers.

    I bought a Maggie Sottero dress from Ebay - size 18. 12 months to slim into it. Was NEVER gonna happen. The dress fitted like a glove on my size 10-12 sister! I sold it on and ordered one from a bridal shop.

    I was a size 22 and my dress was a bridal size 28. It is heartbreaking even though you KNOW you are not that size.

    Chin up -- its not the slinky size 20 YOU, but the crazy fashion world we live in xx
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  12. sazzy34

    sazzy34 Gold Member

    cambridge diet / weight watchers
    Just wanted to add, my friend teaches fashion at college and when I got married she advised me that most brides want to lose weight for their wedding day even the slinky size 10`s.
    So they make them a few sizes smaller to allow for a little loss ????
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  13. sophia-jo

    sophia-jo Silver Member

    hun, I just wanted to say that if you have 7 weeks to go until your dress fitting then,... you can probably lose approx 2 stone, maybe a little under, they say a stone a month so..you could actually be a true 16, and knowing what you now know about the STUPID sizes that wedding dresses come in (I was a true 16 on my wedding day but my dress was an 18) you may have to ask for the 20 but know that you truely are smaller. Awww, i hope you're feeling better sweetheart.:hug99:xxx
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  14. minime100

    minime100 Full Member

    This is gutting I know! My best friend is a size 10 practically everywhere, and occasionally she goes down to an 8 in Wallis and up to a 12 in primark, george etc where they seem to cut a bit neater! She had to buy a SIZE SIXTEEN for her wedding dress two years ago, and she is 5'8'' and ten stone!!!!!!!! :eek: Now I think it stinks that on the day of your life when you should feel beautiful, you have to buy clothes two or three sizes bigger than you really are but that is the deal it would seem. Remember it is only a number and you can buy all your bridal underwear in your REAL size. I bet you will look and feel lovely so try not to dwell on the label inside the dress rather what you look like in it. You have done really well, so dont let this set you back.
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  15. arcticmonkeys

    arcticmonkeys Silver Member

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    :hug99: :hug99::hug99: :hug99::hug99: :hug99::hug99: :hug99::hug99: :hug99::hug99: :hug99::hug99: :hug99::hug99: :hug99::hug99: :hug99::hug99: :hug99::hug99: :hug99::hug99: :hug99::hug99: :hug99::hug99: :hug99:YOU CAN DO IT!!!!!! Don't be down, I'm sure that 100% commitment to this diet will get you where you want to be. xxx
  16. FatFairNForty(ish)

    FatFairNForty(ish) Gold Member

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    Yep, time to face the facts...

    FACT: You are a mega success!
    FACT: You are a size 20!
    FACT: You have an entire year to get into whatever size dress you want to!
    FACT: You don't have to lose those inches in 7 weeks!!
    FACT: You WILL lose lots more weight in the next 7 weeks
    FACT: Kleenex will be asking if you want share profits by the end of your weight loss journey with all the fitting room tears you will shed
    FACT: VLCD's can make you emotional so be kind to yourself
    BIGGEST FACT: You're a mega star and will be a stunning bride no matter WHAT size it says on the label of your dress!!!

    :D :D

    So, chin up chuck and sod the label... :D
  17. Ruthlet

    Ruthlet Wants to be a loser!

    Well said FatFairNForty(ish) - in fact so well said I don't have a lot more to add!

    Want2bthin - you set yourself a goal of being a size 20 before mid september and you have SMASHED that goal with 7 weeks to spare.

    Like everyone has said bridal sizes are a law unto themselves - bit like topshop ;).
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