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What an idiot


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Right I'm on day1 yet again after doing over 2 weeks on SS+ the problem was i went for a chinese on Sunday evening and ate (prat) :cry:with the intention of starting again Monday morn which i did then got to T time and started eating AGAIN WHY OH WHY :wave_cry:so I'm back on day 1 again oh i could slap myself silly and to top it off the weight i lost last week i have put back on I WANT TO SCREAM
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oh clare, dont beat yourself up its very hard and sometimes your head just isn't in the right place. im sure you want to lose this weight as much as the rest of us, try to remember how good it felt on those first two weigh ins and remember how miserable you feel being overweight, thats what i try to do. you can do it, you just need to tell yourself you can, i find spraying my mouth spray when i feel the urge to pick helps cause it then makes it taste horrible!!!

good luck, hang in there, it will be worth it:):)
forget about it get back on track. before you eat something ask yourself what you want food/be slim?? keep saying it over and over whilst drinking a pint of water thats what i do !!!


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Hi hunstop beating yourself up making yourself guilty you are setting yourself up in a vicous circle .We have all done it diet cheat make ourselves feel guilty eat some more believe we have failed give up .Take a step back you have had a lapse accept it not beat yourself up ,now get back on the wagon either straight back to ss or try doing the steps backwards a bring yourself back down to ss . this circle of dieting has been my problem for many years I have found I just need to accept I have eaten /made bad choices for 1 day and then leave it behind and get on with the rest of my life hope this helps you hun take care ,I know how you are feeling sending you big hugs and good vibes to help you get back on track xxx
you not alone, i also had a mega slip up on monday, and also on tuesday, but i am back on track again today, and this time, i will make sure it doesnt happen, i put my lack of control down to not drinking enough water, hence feeling more peckish than normal. just dont beat yourself up over it, just take each day at a time,and if your feeling like eating have some water. this diet is only for a time, and nothing tastes as good as being slim will feel.


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Draw a line under what went before today. Today is a new day and is all that counts - you can't turn the clock back, so no regrets or feeling bad.

Lots and lots of water ... halve packs and have more meals if that helps and come on here ALL the time!!!
you have done so well already in 2 weeks,so just draw a line under the couple of days and start a fresh its a new month, just think you could loose a stone this month if you stick with it, my cdc has even admitted to me that they fell of the wagon about once a month and still managed to loose 4 stone in 4 month


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just think of today as a brand new week...so you made a mistake everyone does just think well that was wrong and im not going to do it again this week
and im going to lose that weight!


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I did the same! Just dont beat uresen up, and start afresh. x x x x
Forget the slip up. It happens to the best of us. I've lost 14lbs this week and I ate quite a bit of cheese earlier so I know that tomorrow I will have put on weight. But after tomorrow I intend on forgetting my silly binge and getting right back on track.
You know you can do this, you did it for two weeks! And I know how you must feel about putting what you lost back on, so this time be even more determined to tell them to shove their Chinese! (Well maybe not like that!)
Good luck!
Lo ..x :p
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Now stop slapping yourself.... unless of course you enjoy it! ;)

What's done is done, jump back on that wagon and hold on tight.


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