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What are the basics?


Becoming Un-Frumpy!
Hello :)

I am flitting between a hundred different diets searching for one that will help me to lose weight in time for my holiday in just 13 weeks.

I have tried cd790, but I am a wuss and couldn't handle the ketosis, then I switched to caloie counting with wlr, but lost very litle weight, I attempted Judddd but didn't really give it a good shot, went back to calorie counting, then back to cd790 for half a day :eek:

In all this time (about 3 months) I have lost 13½ lbs. I'm happy to have lost, but would've liked more in that time. I have been resisting ww for ages as I followed it years ago and found myself cheating all the time. This morning I got up and decided to give it a try. When I did it back in 2001 I lost 12lb in 3 weeks. I feel very motivated to do it again and am going to give it 100% no cheating up until my holiday.

Can anyone advise me on the basics please? I remember things like milk, bread, fruit, eggs. Would any of you recommend the online version, or if you order the at home packs do they take long to come? I'm really keen to get started today. I have only had shreddies and skimmed milk so far so I know today is a good place to start, it also stops that last minute binge happening!

Any tips or info you have will be greatly received :)

Sorry for the long post! x
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Becoming Un-Frumpy!
I'm going to do the points plan, I don't know if i'd trust myself on the core plan :)o)

Just been on the ww site and can't find their 'at home' stuff anymore? Had a look on ebay and there's loads of packs on there, but want to get started asap. Is the online membership good?

Thanks x


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What are the " At home " Packs ??

I have always done it alone but am joining a meeting tomorrow for the support cos i am always cheating :eek:


Becoming Un-Frumpy!
I've just found them! You can order the 'welcome' pack you get in the meetings online. You get all the books you would get if you attended a meeting. It works out at nearly £50 :eek: That's for 1 month!

I can't afford that, and can't get to a class. Even the online membership is £40.

Think it'll have to be ebay!!

Good luck tomorrow Vodaka999, I know what you mean about cheating :)


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Ooohhh i see your going to Orlando, have you been before ??

I LOVE going there


Becoming Un-Frumpy!
Yes, I went a few years ago. It's more exciting this time though as last time we didn't have kids. Now we have a 2½ year old so we can pretend to get all excited for him, when really we're excited for us!!

Would like to get down to a reasonable size in time for the holiday, but faffing about too much switching diets all the time.
Have a look on ebay. If you get a calculator, a Shopping Guide and eating out guide you have all the basics.

You can register for the esource online which is about £6 a month. It tracks your weight, tells you how many points you can have a day, has a section to list what youve eaten and keep a running total of your points and also will work out your points for foods.

It might be worth trying instead?


Becoming Un-Frumpy!
Thanks Starlight, off to ebay :D

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