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What are the tetras really like??


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I had a really really bad experience with the bars (they made me so so sick) but I am really struggling taking the drinks into work.. If I wanted to take a blender I would have to get it checked by the electricians (I work in a neonatal intensive care unit) so that's not really an option! I have tried various containers to shake them in (including proper shaky ones!) but they're still lumpy....

So - unless anyone can shed any light on where I'm going wrong with shaking the drinks, what are the tetras like? I'm really nervous I'm going to be spending the night like I did with the bars!!

What flavours are there? Are they as rich tasting as the bars were? Are they sweet (think I saw that on here!)

Sorry it's loads of questions - but I see my CDC on friday!
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hiya, well they are banana and choc, yes they are very rich
but not really sweet
i couldnt drink them straight but a choc tetra poured in a mug with hot water added is THE BEST hot choc in the world....also u can add a spoon of coffee
its lovely!!

I love the tetras I cant have the shakes I really dislike them! So I have 2 tetras a day and 1 soup suits great no mixing anything just put it in your bag and go.

Hope this helps

Noelle xx


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they taste rich and creamy (nice frozen to )
great if your at work or out and cant make up the shakes


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OK, that's really handy actually.... I'll dilute them down then! Like the sound of a warm one!!

Thanks guys!

Funnily enough, the two shakes I like are chocolate and banana!!!! I have strawberry occasionally too - but love the other two.. So that's cool that those are the tetra flavours!


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oooooooooooooh, frozen???????????

Tell me more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

As in can I freeze one and then toddle off to the cinema with it?????????????????????????? Wow....


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Thanks Anna, I might pop to whitards when I'm next in town!


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I have the choc ones with about twice as much water mixed in and they're great that way. I also like them frozen occassionally. I couldn't do the diet without the tetras, it would be a nightmare when out and about.


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Thanks guys, think diluted tetras are definately the way to go for work!!


i love minimins me :)
i love tetras infact i dont think i could ss without them

only like chocolate n they r yummy mmmmm



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Tetras are nice neat, diluted with hot or cold water, added to coffee, choc one added to strong hot or cold mint tea (choc mint), frozen and used as an ice cream (allow about 45mins to thaw and eat as a block!) or frozen and drunk when they are slushy.

Soups also mix well without a blender. Add a little cold water to make up into a paste - add hot water and mix with a fork like cup a soup.


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I started off with a mixture of soups and shakes...I didn't like the soups at all and found the shakes too much faffing (is that a word???) around at work.

I use only tetra packs, I got a mixture of banana and chocoate but chocolate is definately my favourite.

Yum...and I don't crave sweet things at all!!!


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Thanks Stacey - still haven't tried the truffles yet, must get round to that!!

Flirty - thank you, that's really helpful!!

Mils - lol, the packs are a lot of faff at work!!!


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From a personal point - can I just lodge my DISGUST for the Banana tetra's. Devils bile! I live banana's, and even the banana shakes - but jeeeeze the tetra was rank!

The chocolate ones are GORGEOUS! Keep in the fridge, takes longer to drink. Had a frozen one last night - in a bowl, with a spoon. Lasted AGES and was quite simply lush!



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For me the chocolate and banana tetras are drinkable if I have to but I tend to stick to the shakes myself.

Both tetras are nice as ice cream, put one in the ice box of your fridge if you have one for 8 hours and it comes out just like ice cream. If you just have a freezer then put it in for about 3-4 hours and it will not be too frozen.

The choc tetra is nice if you put half in a mug and add hot water, so 2 drinks in 1, but dont try this with the banana one as i found it vile.
I'm the same as some here, Really don't like the packed milkshakes (which is a shame because I love butterscotch angel delight and was hoping it would be the same hehe).
I have the tets all the time. Banana for breakfast and a chocolate one made into a hot chocolate at night before bed. Yum. xxxx
Hi -Sunflowerbride, I have just bought a Battery operated small blenderfrom ebay to mix the shakes. The blender is in a mug type cup and so transforms into a travel mug if you need it. Great for me as I travel by train to work and so can have my shake while on the train!


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That intresting TTey... I think I'll only get a couple of each flavour today, then I can just try them without wasting money if I dont like them!! I dont need to be drinking a pack at work for a month now as I'm back on reuced hours following a knee injury!


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Thanks Rally, some really good tips there!! (I'll avoid heating up the banana!!!)

Thanks MissRooster!!! No, I didn't likethe butterscotch pack either!!!

Angeleyes - that's really helpful actually, thank you... If I dont like the tetras then I'll get one of these!

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