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what are they like?!?!


I will do this!!!
I love all the milkshakes!! Use loads of ice and loads of cold water and whizz them up and they are delicious. U can add coffee to the choc and vanilla ones as well to have another flavour. Have not tried the soup or flapjacks yet but loads of people will be able to tell u about them. Good luck! xx
everyone has different views on this.......but here's mine:

Always use an electric blender whichever one you choose.

Vanilla mmmmmmm - I add coffee and ice, sometimes have it hot like a latte.

Chocolate - nice hot, and with ice, also make it with peppermint tea.

Strawberry - yuk, I dont have this

Soup - yuk , I dont have this

Flapjacks - all I can say is DONT!!!!!!

Good luck :)


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its all about personal choice - i would maybe get a few of each and see which flavours you like the most. you're not allowed to get the flapjacks in your first week anyway so they are out for now. i personally like the chocolate and strawberry. the vanilla are ok, but i can't stomach the soup. others love the vanilla because they put coffee in it, and others swear by the soup. so it just depends which one you like yourself. Good luck with LT and welcome to the forum xx


I will do this!!!
Thanks. My problem is i HATE milkshakes but i need to lose weight and im prepared to do anything to get rid of it!!


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to be honest hun, its more like flavoured water than milkshake. i really like them and i'm not that keen on milkshake either. even if you don't like them for the first few days you will soon like them - because they are all you can have. i know a few on here didn't like the shakes to start with but love them now! xx
you will soon get used to them hun - and you will also get to look forward to them and enjoy them too :)


I will do this!!!
I hope so, i LOVE food and im dreading this diet but the thought of going into a "normal" clothes shop and actually trying on clothes just...well i cant explain the feeling. I just hope i can do that soon instead of shopping in "big" shops


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we're all there with you hun!! lol

the first few days will be hell - so keep thinking of all those clothes you want to buy to get you through it! then after a week or so you won't feel hungry at all and you will feel so much better in yourself. you just have to get through the first week!


I will do this!!!
Thanks for all the advice hopefully i can be a success story in a few months!!! hehe


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not hopefully - you WILL be. you gotta think positive to get positive results. believe in yourself hun cos you really can do this. anytime you feel like you're having a weak moment come on the forum - this place is so brilliant for support. i wouldn't have got to week 8 without everyone on here! xxx


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Welcome aboard the LT train :) Like everyone said it's down to personal preferences... try getting one of each to give it a go ?

Your tastebuds WILL change mind so don't worry if you don't like them at 1st..

This really is THE easiest diet in the world (at least for me & seemingly for many others)... all you have to do is follow the instructions to the letter, no cheating & LOADS of water... it is 100% nailed-on proven to work :D


Says it as it is!!!
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If you dont like milkshakes add more water to them! i add double water at a minimum!
Good luck! this is an amazing diet and if you have a positive attitude its easier...don't dread it, embrace it and it will work for you xx


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Hi, and welcome:wavey:
If you want to try the soup, use about 350mls of boiling water in a jug. Add some chili flakes, black pepper and a pinch of cumin powder. Then put in the soup powder and whizz it with a stick blender (Sainsburys Basic one is £4 something right now):)
I have one each night for my tea and look forward to it!:drool:
Hi, only been on diet for a few days and actually quite like most of them. Strawberry is a once in a while, just for a change flavour, but you can make tasty things from them. Hot choc is a great evening meal. I add a sweetener to all of mine and a bit extra water. Coffee makes vanilla quite tasty and someone on here has told me about adding toasted flapjack to it to make a 'porridge'. The flapjacks are so dry and boring this sounds like a good plan!
Good luck and persevere with the difficult first week, I'd kill for some strawberries right now....


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I've been on the diet since 1st July so don't have a long history but I'd follow the others advice and say try them. I don't usually drink milk so I was dreading idea off living of milk shakes but you very quickly get used to them. I'm really boring and lazy and don't use a blender ( I hate washing them after) but i bought couple of shaker things from ebay (they actually say "herbalife" and cost a few pounds - and go in hte dishwasher !!) and all I do is mix them. Like Nic i use more water than they recommend but its finding the amount that you like. I tend to buy predominantly the choc and vanilla with 2 strawberry, one flapjack and a soup. I've only once heated the choc up and I didn't like it so I stick to cold tap water and just shake them up. They do tend to be lumpy if you use a fork so you will need some type of mixer/whisk or shaker. The first week is dreadful but your weight gain will be worth it. And most importantly we're all here for you.
Good luck
with love x


I will do this!!!
thank you all for the advice ill keep my progress posted!
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I think you really need to experiment - you taste deffo changes on LT. The first week I had hot choc and hated it - but some people love it - I almost heaved drinking the chicken soup (i actually had to hold my nose to get it down) and now I get excited when I am making it
cos I love it sooo much!

You will like 1 or more of the flavours and as you get into it you will start to really enjoy them! If you dont like any of them - change your mindset to what you are drinking is fat dissolving liquid - and then you can get your head around it! Thats what I did with the chicken soup.

You might be lucky and love all the flavours straight away - but you deffo grow to really enjoy them once you get the first week over you. Infact I am starting to worry about not being able to have my iced vanilla and coffee in the mornings - its so delish I dont want to even think about not having it anymore - never enjoyed any drink more than it before - even love it more than a G&T! lol xxx



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