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What are we all aiming for?


Need help
Hello Guy's :)

I have been asked alot in the last week or so what are you looking forward too this summer. I think it's because the weather has been great in the last few week's and people are starting to think about holiday's and stripping off. :eek: :eek:
I have been busy since the sun has been shining as people are now wanting to go on the diet. What are your thought's at the moment being on the diet? Are you happy because you have made a start to do somethig about your weight and will enjoy the summer better then you would have done in the past.

It would be interesting for everyone to hear your thought's

Nick :D :D
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I am looking forward to getting into my nice clothes again, not a massive thing I know, but I have so many nice things, but only and handful of items fit me at the moment and they are not really that nice either.

I am also looking forward to ging into 'normal' shops where they stock nice stuff.


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Hi Nick

I'm getting close to goal weight now and have bought lots of new summer clothes:D :D BUT down here on the South East Coast it's like winter again:mad:

I can't wait to be able to stroll down the beach, and not look like something the tides washed up! like I have done for many years before.

Hi both

I am looking forward to:-
1. feeling great about myself and having confidence
2. Buying a new wardrobe and also fitting in to my size 10 and 12 clothes that have been gatherind dust!!!
3. Being slim enough to take a proper interest in fashion again and wear the latest trends
4. going out knowing that I look great
5. being able to go on holiday and maybe wear a bikkini
6. hearing woolf whistles as I walk past builders
4. feeling sexy


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I am looking forward to not wearing the same old boring clothes, baggy pants & loose top... tried on a very slinky swimming costume today which is too big, but will reorder in my size when I am at goal... also being a little bit more fashionable!! Also not being overly hot just because of my size... and not being the fat bird when we go on holiday seeing people's gaze's as they try to think of saving the whale!!Love


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Being seen as "normal"
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Well, being 'who I am', I don't think I will ever look nice/ slinky/sexy in anything - ever. So I'm not really doing it for that ... I know I'll always have to 'cover up' to a certain extent because such severe obesity over such a long period of time has basically ruined my body (wearing a bikini is never going to be a reality for me).

However, it'll be nice not to feel so hot and 'lumpy' in the hot weather - in past Summers I've always felt like a big lumbering hippo with no 'spring' in my step. I won't be at goal by the height of the Summer but hopefully I'll be a lot further down the road than I am now :)
S: 17st4lb C: 16st11lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 43 Loss: 0st7lb(2.89%)
Just think of all the lovely winter wear you can buy though, skinny jeans, chunky jumper and long boots are what I am looking forward too.
Only if I have a tummy tuck AJ! I'll have so much spare skin by the time I get to goal that I think I'll need to push it around in a wheelbarrow in front of me! ;)


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i'm looking forward to wearing summer t-shirts and not your normal type t-shirts and getting in the pool on my holidays without being too self conscious about my stomach and legs


i love minimins me :)
i am looking forward to goin to the beach and not thinkin everyone is starin at me, n goin out with my in pretty frends and not feelin even more disgusted with myself and buying new trendy clothes, or more so buyin clothes cos i like them rather than cos they will cover my fat!!

and to be generally happy with myself



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Well I am around 18 and half stone ~ 50 years of age in June and I have just bought a pink bikini from Matalan to match my 3 year old gorgeous granddaughter for when we go on our villa holiday to celebrate my birthday early June

I am very fat very wrinkly and have an enormous jelly belly but you know what quiet frankly dont care ~ i am what I am and if you dont like it dont look. i have had too many years of struggling with sarongs and towels and the like so sod it !!!

My son thinks its hilarious and keeps laughing at me as he will have to witness the big blob in a pink bikini ~ I will only wear it around our own private pool and have a more decent black swimsuit for the beach and the sea ~ but you know what I will be buggered if I have to cover up with a sarong or towel ~ no way

I am never going to be Kate Moss ~ I am Sharon whatever shape or size I am and I am going for it this year !!!!!
Also looking forward to not having my thighs rub together when it gets hot lol
Oh Iv known that one, we were on honeymoon and I had a shortish skirt on, we spent all morning walking around in the sunshine, by the afternoon I was in agony, I took a peak at my thighs and they were bright red with blisters, caused by the friction :(

I do not want to go through that again ever:(

bm2lm xx

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This is the first summer in years that i'm actually looking forward too. Not having to cover up the flab & being able to wear little skirts & shorts...

Last year i went to the download festival at donnington park, although i loved watching the bands & enjoying the music, i hated the fact that i was hot & sweaty all the time, just never felt comfortable. The added weight was dreadful it really put a downer on the weekend.:(

Going again next month & can't wait, if it hot i don't care because i won't have the extra weight making me as hot & sweaty as it did last year.....And no sores on my inner thighs...Yippeee :) :) :)



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Well my sister told me to cut off the legs of some thick tights and wear them under your skirts

Really work on those thunder thighs girls !!!!!

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