What are you having today for lunch or dinner?


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I'm having the same as you, almost. Only having the chicken and herb super noodles and chicken in my stir fry. Smells yummy. For dinner later i'm having fresh cod and sw chips.


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For lunch I'm having butternut squash, sweet pepper and sweet potato soup, with a slice of wholemeal toast and hummus. I am then going to have some roast chicken and a large salad.

For dinner I'm having spag bog with pesto...just finished cooking the sauce...smells delish...:D

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Tonight I'm going to have Jacket potato with baked beans (Dairylea light triangles melted into beans) with a big side salad. Yum Yum :)


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minestrone soup more like pasta but I love it :)


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Random combination of Joe's Sausages, Batchelor's Pasta n' Sauce (chicken & mushroom) and sweetcorn. Was lush!

I know, no superfree foods, naughty, naughty.


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Lunch - made myself an omelette 3 eggs, 28g of cheddar cheese HEXB, X2 tomatoes and X2 slices of ham - twas lovely!

Dinner- having chicken curry - loads of veg added mushrooms, peppers and garden peas - yum yum


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I discovered butternut squash tonight and even my husband enjoyed it!

We had grilled chicken with roasted veg - bns, carrots, onion, tomato, aubergine with a home made tomato and chilli sauce (can anyone see I was trying to get some speed foods in!) it was yummy!


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Today I had Tuna on 2 Pumpkin Ryvitas with 1tbsp of light hellmans and a chopped up red pepper and fruit for lunch and for tea I had SW burgers and wedges and salad (using the potato as my HEB2) it feels naughty but is quite angelic really :)


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Today I had bulgur wheat with mackerel and spinach for lunch and dinner was roast vegetables and grilled chicken breast.


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Tonight I had meatballs in tomato sauce with a jacket spud. Was lush nom nom x