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What are you looking forward to?


a new way of living!
Hi all,

In the spirit of distraction techniques, I was wondering what people are looking forward to when they have lost weight/reached target (non food things):

  • not cringing when i see my reflection or a photograph
  • jeans that stay up, rather than being pushed down by blubber.
  • being able to fasted calf length boots
  • as above but over jeans
  • not getting funny looks in fashion shops (i.e. we dont stock your size!)
  • losing that roll of flab under my waist, and the homer simpson bulge above it
  • my thighs not rubbing together
  • better sex!
  • feeling sexy
  • feeling worth while, rather than a useless lump of lard
  • wearing dresses, tops and blouses other than A-line or empire line
  • to be able to see what i am doing when shaving bikini line!
  • people to stop asking "when are you due?!"
  • for people to stop saying, oh but you are pretty though (i.e. shame about the arse love!)
  • to have less pain from my spinal problems
  • have more energy
  • being healthy
  • last but by no means least... the 'i've reached my target shopping spree!' :D
quite a list but i am sure there are others i've not mentioned.

H xx
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a new way of living!
I forgot one..

not to think the bath is empty, then move my ass and a flood of water flowing forth... my ass acting as the Dam. That was soooooo demoralising i almost died there on the spot!

*Pink Pixie*

on the road to slimdom
well apart from all those that you already listed the one thing i really am looking forward to is learning to surf.......without the coastguard calling the rspca to help rescue what must look like a beached whale in neoprene! :eek:

rainbow brite

I like these kinds of threads :)

I'd like to have some photographs of myself with my friends and boyfriend. At the moment I shy away from any cameras for fear of tears when I see what they come out like.

Being able to finally wear all of the pretty lingerie I bought years ago but have never worn.

Feeling so much more confident in myself. I think this particular goal will also help me stop myself from being pushed around by people.

Be able to exercise without feeling like I'm dying!

I'm sure there's plenty more but at the moment the most important one to me is that I'd love to be able to show my mum that it can be done. I'm deliberately avoiding her for a while so that when I do finally see her there will be a noticeable difference and I can try to persuade her to give LT a go. Not in a spiteful way but she's desperately unhappy the size she is and just lacks motivation. I know she can lose the weight because she's done it before and I just think if she can see the results on me then she might be inspired to give it a go herself.

Gosh I sound really sad now!


a new way of living!
Not at all! thats brill to inspire your mum. my mum is being treated for alcho probs, so showing her that i can give up and lose weight will, hopefully, make her realise that she has the strength to give up too, as i get my strength from her!

go for it, she's be dead proud of you either way :)

*Pink Pixie*

on the road to slimdom
awww rainbow, you dont sound sad at all, you sound very caring :gen126:
I can't wait 2 fit into all the size 12/14 clothes I have bought over the last 7 years I cant wait to get lower than my all time low weight of 11st if I could get into a size 12 in any shop on the planet I would be delighted.My sex life is a non starter so I'd like that 2 pick up 2. I want to go to a nite club with my friends wearing something really hot and last but not least I'd like some guy to fancy the pants off me..I could do with the boost I'm sick of being the fat friend!!!
I was a fat bridesmaid 17st at my 8st sisters wedding 3 years ago.My uncle from the uk saw me comming out of the dining area and said "I should have known I'd find you near the food. We have a family reunion bbq in September so I want to meet him being really slick and fab!!!


a new way of living!
ooh i love things like that to motivate me! well you have done so well, it'll stop snide remarks in their tracks!
i have been engaged for 4 years (we have moved around a lot and moved country so not got round to setting a date yet) and want to be a slim bride, not a one off slim bride, but slim wife too! :)
good luck for the BBQ, you'll stop him in his tracks!
I want this.......<a href="ImageShack - Hosting :: sian53ne8.jpg" target="_blank"><img src="http://img228.imageshack.us/img228/4563/sian53ne8.th.jpg" border="0" alt="Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us" /></a><br /><br /><a href="ImageShack® - Blogpost" title="QuickPost"><img src="http://imageshack.us/img/butansn.png" alt="QuickPost" border="0"></a> Quickpost this image to Myspace, Digg, Facebook, and others!

i also want to be able to show my belly off and wear tight white tops :)............oh imagine


a new way of living!
thats hot, i would love flat abs instead of belly of pork ;) might even get belly ring, would love a tatoo but OH freaked when i mentioned it, said he wouldn't mind when i am 60!!! well, 60 it is tehehehe :D
Lol! My boyfriend wasn't impressed when I said I was getting a tattoo but he likes it now I've had it a couple of months :)
I want to not be my mum's "fat daughter"!!

I want to wear clothes that aren't "plus size"!

I want to wear jeans and look good in them - no muffin top.

I want to have sex with the light ON!

I don't want to be the fat friend anymore.

I want to be able to stick 2 fingers up at my bro-in-law who doesn't like a woman with brains or excess weight!

I want to do more exercise without my fat bouncing up and down!!!

I don't want to see the look in other peoples eyes that says "why is he with HER!" when I'm out with my lovely OH.

I want to be healthy enough to live long enough to see my grandchildren and great grandchildren (which hopefully won't be for a long while!)

I want to no longer have a bad back, shoulders and neck from carrying so much weight!

We will all reach our targets - we are strong and determined!

Getting into all the lovely clothes I have bought myself in sizes too small, which I promised I would slim into !!!

Looking at myself in the mirror below the waist without thinking ' my god that can't be me - can it ?'

Feeling sexy and having more sexyyy

Not feeling like I have to be a shrinking violet (how ironic!!) when i'm actually very sociable

stopping thinking that everyone is looking at me thinking how fat and ugly I am.

That my feet don't hurt at the end of the day - i only have 4 1/2s -they weren't built for heiffers !!!

Oh god !! - hope I haven't just brought everyone down !!! roll on all the above....
i would like to walk past a shop window on holiday and not think look at that fat old woman and then realise that its me i think i look a bit like andy cap's wife flo for any off you old enough to know who i mean


a new way of living!
That my feet don't hurt at the end of the day - i only have 4 1/2s -they weren't built for heiffers !!!

Oh god !! - hope I haven't just brought everyone down !!! roll on all the above....

i know what you mean... i take 3.5 to 4 and my feet kill too, i cant wear heals at all now, aside from car to seat, with no more than 30 yards walking in between!! lol

not bought anyone down, its good to think to the bright, positive, slimmer future!! :)

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