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What are you missing....?

its got to be a roast dinner, last night i was with my fiancce and her family where tucking into a roast chicken dinner. The smell was unbelievable i had to get out of the way before i broke. thankfully my will power was greater and heading towards completing my first week.

now you mention it thats probably my weakness when it comes to chinese you cant be a crispy shredder chilli beef and crispy duck pan cakes. hmmm i think i have realised why im 20.5st
Home made - stiry fried king Prawns in a sweet chilli sauce, loads of fresh chillis and fresh corriander, on a bed of egg noodles and salad... oooo i miss it!
mm crispy aromatic duck hoi sin sauce in pancakes....im trying not to miss it because i know il have it when im done in moderation and il enjoy it more but wont eat as much!!..though last night i did want mashed potato..mm


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what i miss most is a cappicino (cant spel) at 11 every morning with a vanila crown, its puff pastry with custard in middle ! AGGHHHHHHH


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Hot indian curry and rice!
I miss fizzy pop the most .. I used to get through at least 2 l of pepsi max or 7 up a day ..lwater just doent quench my thirsy .. although I had a mini can of diet coke xmas day .. and it was aweful ... takted really acidic and I had to chuck it away ... :eek:
I also miss cup a soups to warm me up and a really hot curry would be amazing right now to warm me up too .. I dont drink tea or coffee so really feeling the cold ( we dont have central heating either !!) although I managed to get the soup donw last night by using 500 mls of water and drinking it really hot ...


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Oooh so many nice foods on here- believe it or not I dont like takeaways or fast food. But what i am missing right now is a cold pint of larger and packet of crisps, a cuppa tea with milk and Cafe Nero's tomato soup (its sooooo nice) lol. :D


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Right now sausage butties, with ketchup because my lovely husband is sat right next to me eating them :(
Oh my God that has made me soooooo hungry! Nice glass of water is in need!



I love my purdy shoes
Oooo I also miss Diet Pepsi but i'm not allowing myself to drink that after the diet as I realised that the amount I was drinking was making me hungrier, due to the aspartme in it. The body doesn't know what it is so when I ate it didn't know I was eating.


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Fishfinger sandwiches, yumyum!
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