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What are your favourite flavour shakes and soups?


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Toffee and Walnut:D Absolutely yummy.

I don't like the Butterscotch at all, but I appear to be in the minority on that one.

TBH (apart from the Butterscotch) there aren't any that I actually dislike. I don't get many strawberry/banana ones as I'm not a fan of those flavours normally, but even they are quite nice.

Definitely get a selection and see what suits you best.
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I steer well clear of the soups - don't like any of them!!
I have only shakes (packs & tetra's). My fav packs are strawberry, vanilla and toffee & walnut. The tetra's are great for work. The choc tetra i make into "mocha" by adding warm water a couple of spoons of cooffee + 1 sweetner
i like chick and mushroom, veg, spicy tomato soup. Dont like any of the sweet shakes. Love the choc and banana tetra's. Not a huge fan of the cd bars but like the caramel one :)

Def get a selection try everything everyones tastes are diff :)

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I like chocolate and choc mint sometimes add coffee to them for a change. don't like the soups or the tetra's


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I love the chicken and mushroom soup. It's gorgeous, but I don't like any of the others.

I also really enjoy choc mint, chocolate, strawberry and fruits of the forest shakes. I have them all cold and blended for ages until they go really thick and yummi, just like proper milk shakes.

I'm not keen on any of them hot.

Love the tetra's and all of the bars too.


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Strawberry and Chocolate Shakes are the only shakes I've tried to date both are really nice! Soup wise I've tried the Mushroom (I won't be buying again) and the Veg which was palatable! XX

Veg soup my fave, oriental chilli is nice but gives me indigestion, leek potato okay as is chick mush.

Strawberry, fruits of forest, banana shakes great with a load of ice in smoothie maker.

Choc mint great as hot choc, Vanilla hot with a spoon or two of coffee.

Choc tetra frozen to make ice cream.

Cranberry and malt toffee bars.

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chick and mush deffo my fave this week!
i seem to change my mind each week... i loved choc mint to begin with, then it was choc tetra and now chick and mush.
dont like vanilla/ cappuccino/ spicy tomato/ leek and pot or oriental but all others are nice.
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My fav is oriental chilli and potato and leek with pepper yum.


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Thanks all!
I agree with FunelleFox, I dont like any of the soups and was asking for advice in another thread on how to possibly improve the taste with any allowable condiments (if poss.) I like both the Banana and Chocolate tetras...they are a Godsend for work as I'm sure my colleagues were getting sick of my handblender every morning and lunchtime.

As for the shakes....uuumm! I like Vanilla, Choc Mint, Strawberry and Toffee & Walnut....although I do think they are an acquired taste and you get used to them after sometime!!
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My CDC said it was ok to use pepper, chilli powder, or curry powder. No salt as this could interfere with the water intake. I have used loads of pepper and chilli in my potato and leek soup and in oriental chilli its great and I lost 11lbs last week (first wek) so its not done me any harm.

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