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What are your rewards??


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Hi all each week so far I have rewarded myself for my weight loss...trying to replace food as something I used as a "treat". Now I know simply seeing the pounds fall off is a damn fine reward but so is treating yourself. I for one find it really difficult usually to spend money on me...don't think twice about spending it on my kids etc...so yep I know there is some psychological self worth feelings going on under that related to my weight. Without becoming a shopaholic I plan to reward myself each week basically also to make up for some of the self neglect I have done over the years.
Thought it may be fun to see what others are doing and keep track of them...
Week 1- breast firming cream (don't want them sagging!)
Week 2- First stone deserved a biggy, bargain at my friends silver party...bag, ring, chain, earings £40ish
(also ordered a gorgeous necklace to keep for when I hit 2 stone)
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I will do this!!!
Having to buy new clothes that i actually fit into is my rewards!!!
Well we have no kids, so I dont have to worry about that, but in the past I have always spent money on anyone and anything else other than myself, but now I feel like I am saving money so I deserve it.

I got a new Kipling bag, it is GORG ! I love it, I have a few of them.
I got a new mobile, a Samsung G600 in pink, as I love pink :giggle:
We are going clothes shopping this week for a few wee things.
A new pink i pod which I will be getting when I reach 5 stonne, or just keep to put on my Christmas list :D
When we go shopping this week my OH is treating me to some new purfume.
As a treat for my OH who is also on LT, he is getting some new clothes, and the new iphone.

But material posessions are nothing in comparison to the treat of how good I feel and the compliments I get and how amazing I feel about myself ! ! !


is loving the soup?!
Honestly I'm actually spending more than I want to at the minute, so my treat is mainly going to be clothes when I get to goal. I do have a lot of clothes to tide me over though, and have noticed I'm already taking much better care of myself than I was before. Even looked decent to go to Morrison's today lol!


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My bf bought me some scales (not the fish type) for 'being good' and for when I start eating again, they are so nice.
I think that is a great idea hun and really important when you are totally out of the habit of looking after yourself as well as you do everybody else.

I intended to be quite structured about my rewards but haven't been, but I have bought several bits.

A book for 1st weight loss
Bio oil
refexology appointment
Posh neck firming cream
My next is a hair appointment on Friday.

I am interested in what other people are doing as well so I hope we get some more posts x


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I've been putting £2 away for 1lb I lose, it's proving pretty expensive lol. So far I've I've got £46 saved up. By the time I get to target I should have a fair amount saved to buy something nice with. Haven't really thought what I'm going to spend the money on.

I also bought a posh new camera while I was on holiday as a treat for doing CD for most of the holiday.
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Surfhunny's idea is a great one! I think I may try that one.

I did buy some Lush foot cream today as a mini treat. I want to start going for facials as well.
i have not treated myself personally, but my bf has. For every 2 stone i lose he gets me a gift. As i lost 2 stone last week i rang to let him no and after he had his tea last monday he took me to asda and got me a cream cake... lol only joking, i got a nice pair of pants and a top in a size 22!! i put the pants on yesterday and they seem to be a little on the big side :s i have put that down to the material tho.


please try again
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i got a tin in meadowhall, its a slimmers saver. holds £500 in pound coins and can only be opened with a tin opener
S: 15st11lb C: 11st13lb G: 10st6lb Loss: 3st12lb(24.43%)
the money bank is a great idea I think I will start that and save for my new wardrobe!!!

I have treated myself to some nice moisturiser and shower stuff

my biggest reward though is I have a much happier comfortable horse as I am no longer too heavy for him!!!!
Ooo.. fancy saving like that myself, maybe put £2 in a tin, for every 1lb I lose...fab idea!
i put the money i would normally have spent on lunch in my piggy bank! As I was on a sandwich, packet of crisps, and a nice chocolate bar or cake every day, it comes to roughly a fiver - and as i was spending it anyway, i don't miss it - will be spending it on clothes when I'm a size 14 as I don't have any of those left!!
i bought myself two tops last week as was sooo happy that when i got home both fit me and looked realy nice on this week i am going to the trafford centre might just treat myself again ha ha...jenni
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i still havent treated myself for my weight loss, i will get round to it lol
thats just not good enough nicki -sort it out!
S: 15st0lb C: 15st0lb G: 9st0lb BMI: 36 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
I've been spending money I dont have on body butters. Shea body butter -and chocolatey coffee body butter. And my fave...'The Sanctuary' Mestizo body butter AND Mestizo Shower scrub AND Mestizo shower gel. They smell GORGEOUSS!!!!!! LOL

I bought bubble baths just for me and a couple of face mask thingys and I have even now bought myself 2 'hold-all's -i.e extra large make up bags to keep them all in and I carry them up and down to the bathroom and pamper meself whenever I'm struggling.

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