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What are your slimming world tips?


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I thought it would be a good idea if we had a thread for us to put our favourite SW tips and ideas.
I know I could use some more ideas as I am really struggling at the moment, I start each day off with good intentions BUT by mid-morning these have all gone through the window.
Do any of you have any tatics that you use to keep on plan?
Do you plan each week, each day, every hour.
Do you have any favourite snacks etc?
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Read your book
Drink lots of water
Vary both your healthy extras and the things you eat on the plan.
Use your syns
Eat things you enjoy!
Write a food diary.
If you go to class stay to image therapy.
Come on this board every day! And if you need help ask for it.That's what we're here for.


Will be thin god dammit!!
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Drink lots and lots of water, NAS juice or diet pop as you can to make you feel fuller and eat Superfree foods if you can whenever you fancy a nibble!


Now to maintain.....
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drink lots!(i have to make an effort to do this-i find carrying a bottle withme helps).

try to eat as many speed foods as you can.

try lots of recipies and have a varied diet!!

definately write everything down!!! i find this invaluable.

use your syns....i know its easy to think you are being 'good' by having none but you really do need to have them!

try and do a little exercise at least in addition to what you would normally do.
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i try and save my syns for evening now, otherwise i use them all in the day then my body seems to go into "crave mode". cup of coffee in the morning seems to curb my appetite enough to sort out preparing something healthy. x


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For me its all about planning. I meal plan for each week, write my shopping list from this, and only buy what I need. I write down everything I eat, and make sure I am always organised. I bring my own food everywhere, even to training courses where lunch is provided. If I am embarrassed, I just tell people I have food intolerances so prefer to bring my own. I have even been known to eat my own food in the odd cafe - naughty naughty lol.


Slow but sure....
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Work out your food diary carefully - and stick with it each day.

Drink plenty of water daily (at least 2 litres)

Keep lots of super free foods in your fridge etc, for those snack attacks!!!

Weigh yourself once a week that way you will not get disheartened if the scales go up - remember your weight fluctuates all the time, that's why weighing in only once a week is recommended.

Eat your syns every day - they are there to be enjoyed, and to keep you on track.

Change your plans around now and then if you can, that way you don't get bored with the diet.

Keep coming on the forum all the time, this is where you will get your encouragement, tips, recipes, SW chat, and help to stay focused, remember Minimins is here to help you.

Good luck to you.