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What are your tips for getting your diet mojo back?

I'm now into week 9 (I think) I'm doing ok and I've lost around 37lbs so far, but my enthusiasm is begining to take a nosedive but I'm not prepared to loose it.

My problem at the moment is picking, it's completely unnecessary and i can't snap out of it. The danger for me is that I feel comfortable, my clothes fit again, my arse doesn't act as a dam in the bath, I can paint my toenails without going blue in the face, my OH constantly tells me how much better I look...but I still have at least 4 stone to loose!!! :sigh:

How can I get that feeling I had at the start back? How do you keep that focus? Xx
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How can I get that feeling I had at the start back? How do you keep that focus? Xx
You're not going to like this answer - but I don't think you can get that feeling back. You're not in the same place anymore. You're not feeling that same level of desperation. You're in a much different place.

So what you really need to do now is focus on your goal. Get a picture in your mind of that slim person you're going to be - make it as real and as colourful as you can.

Have you got any events that you can aim for? A holiday, someone's wedding, a weekend away, that kind of thing? If not, maybe you could come up with one - give yourself something to aim for. :)


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Really, really think about what you are doing when you want to pick. Think about what you want, how far you've come, and that you have been doing this for so long, you know for a fact it can be done!

I personally have eaten to cheer myself up if I'm feeling down, but it doesn't work. You pick & then want to pick again 5 mins later, it's never enough to satisfy the craving. Tell yourself that it won't make you feel any better and you can do this!
your coming up your 12th week.... your body is craving food, you will be having to 810 on that week, and its important you are able to get straight back on SS to lose the rest.


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This sounds silly but worked for me, I ave myself a telling off in the mirror. I looked mysef in the eye and told myself what I though. It actually made me cry. I was welling myself things like...if you feel good now imagine how you will feel in a stones time, you are still overweight and that isn't good for your health. I also had a really good heart to heart with myself about what I wanted from life and why I was doing it. Try it, at the worst ou will feel silly for a little while :) x
Thanks ladies your all absolutely right and full of fab advice :) I'm thinking that being back in work is really helpful! I know I'm going to sound like a right cow but even in the 6 month's I've been gone some have really piled back on the pounds (it doesn't help that our office has moved next door to greggs mind!!) and I just kept thinking I don't want to give in and be like you anymore…I know it sounds nasty but I've just given in with them and eaten all the office goodies! not anymore!! :):):)