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What can I do - need 3-4 stone off asap!


Becoming Un-Frumpy!

Here we are at the end of May. I have 16 weeks until my holiday, and after carefully planning my weight loss goals in March I should have :)rolleyes:) been at around 14 stone now. I am 16st and desperate to lose.

I have been doing calorie counting for a few weeks, but messed up a few times which has resulted in low losses, all my own fault.

It has been gradually occurring to me that if I carry on half-heartedly 'trying' to lose weight then I am going to go on holiday exactly as I am now. I am desperate to lose 3-4 stone in time for my holiday, although I don't understand why I don't just move myself to do it if i'm so blummin deesperate. I can't ruin another holiday for my hubby and little boy, they don't deserve it. I have so many motivating factors, but my problem is that I want the weight off now and my motivation starts to dwindle seeing 1lb a week coming off.

So, I'm sorry to ask this (I feel like all I ever do is ask you all for advice :eek:) but can any of you recommend a method of losing 3-4 stone in the next 16 weeks? I've got a feeling my only option is going to be ss or 790, but I'm feeling so miserable about the whole holiday thing that I'm tempted to give it another shot.

Wasn't sure where to post this message so if it's in the wrong place, sorry :)

Any advice will be greatly accepted, thank you

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You can lose around a stone a month on cd ssing, depending on how much you want the weight off, you will need to stick to it 100%
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Hon you know the answers - any diet works if you stick to it 100%. Depending on which diet depends on your losses. The key thing is whether or not you can stick to it.

As you know in theory you can lose 4 stone in 16 weeks on SS - IF and its a big if - you can stick to it. If you can't then the chances are you are going to have 4 miserable months and go on holiday at the weight you are now and feeling rubbish about yourself because you haven't managed it.

If you were to do a plan that offered slightly slower losses but that you were able to stick to 100% you could end up in 16 weeks going on holiday 2 stone lighter and feeling positive about yourself because you have achieved something.

Really think about what is achievable - maybe SS isn't for you anymore - what about the JUDDD craze that's sweeping the boards! Would that be more suited to your way of eating, or WW / SW or one of the higher CD plans.

Good luck - make a decision and stick with it for the 16 weeks - don't expect miracles overnight!


Becoming Un-Frumpy!
Thanks Sonya and Htpink, You are both right.

I don't think I can commit to 16 weeks on 790. It's stupid really because 16 weeks out of my whole life is nothing, yet why can't I give up food for that long? I have decided to attempt juddd. I said that last week then changed my mind, but it makes sense to follow this method.

I can still do my running which might tone me up along the way plus I should be able to get a fair loss in 16 weeks. Plus it is something that I feel I can do, the 500cal days will be hard but the reward is the up day, just have to be careful to control myself on the up days!

Thanks for your advice, don't know where i'd be without this board.


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Well I've just seen Frumpster appearing on the Juddd thread - so great news! You may not lose the weight as quickly doing Juddd but you will still be able to enjoy yourself and even go on holiday and keep the plan going whilst away. I would love a quick fix, who wouldn't. But there isn't one, I agree, any diet stuck to works but if you can't live with it then you can't. I don't want to spend my life feeling deprived, but I can have a lean day every other day and it's not a huge effort.
I wish you all the luck with this Frumpster and if you go on holiday having lost at least one stone but probably nearer two then I would feel very happy with that. It's permanent change that matters, not quick fixes!


Becoming Un-Frumpy!
Thanks Barb,

I've spent the last 15 years going from one miracle diet to another and as a result gained around 4 stone :eek:

This judddd plan seems to be sensible. When ever i've done other diets I have always had a 'cheat' day every week. When first starting the diet the cheat day was always chip shop tea. Then after a few weeks it becomes chip shop tea, and a bar of chocolate, after a month or two it becomes a day long binge fest eating anything in site and finishing food just to 'get rid of it'. With judddd there won't be any need for bingeing like that because I can have my ud's but know that it's not a week until my next ud it's only a 500cal day away!


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You might consider the 'plan' I've just started - Two/three days of CD1000, followed by two days of CD790.

I reckon that the higher/lower calorie days will help speed weight loss in much the same way the WW Wendies and JUDDD plans do.

I've done 1000/790 before and got very good results. The only difference was that I was low carbing the entire time. I don't want to do that, now. Low GI, yes, but not severely low carb. I'm sick of the huge weight swings caused by water loss and regain, and I want to eat fruit and vegetables.

If you can settle for, say, a three stone loss with hopes of more, this might suit you. You could even do 1000/790/1000/790 indefinitely! As long as you have packs as your basic nutrition you can't go far wrong.

JUDDD might be ideal for you - I don't know - you may like to give it a try before experimenting with another plan.

Finding what you can stick to long-term is the key. I wish you love and luck!

(I just ran on the spot for 30 minutes - should have been longer, really - and thought of you - LOL).
Hi Frumpster
I know how you feel I have gone frome one diet to another its just finding the right one what suits you I want to lose between 3 and 4 stone by end of october if it is achievable to do sick of all this weight carrying around then will have a few more stones to lose willhave to find the right diet and get going to show weightloss results else going to be no change in october then I will be really depressed as i want this weight off soon as possible wont be sorry to see it go

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