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What can I do now....?.

Discussion in 'Slimming World' started by ladybird23, 19 May 2014 Social URL.

  1. ladybird23

    ladybird23 Full Member

    I've been plodding along since January and I'm just a pound away from losing 2 stone.

    Last week we had some devastating family news and since then my whole world has been turned upside down. There's been days when I've had to get to a hospital over 100 miles away which has meant leaving home very early and not getting home until very late. I've got people staying with me and this was completely unexpected - I didn't have any notice at all so the place looks like a nightmare and we are all emotionally and physically drained - cooking meals from scratch or even doing shopping is out of the question. I've got 7 loads of washing to do and I still have to care for my elderly Dad - from whom we have kept our terrible news as I don't think he could take it. I feel like all the plates I've been spinning round for the last few months have crashed down around me and there's nobody to pick them up.

    My diet since last weigh-n (Wednesday) has been either take-aways, cheese & crackers or anything I can quickly grab from a motorway stop or a hospital cafe. And lots of wine.

    How am I ever going to get back on track - the thought of putting back on what I've already lost is making me even more miserable.

    Thanks for reading - I know there's no easy answers. I think posting on here is a substitute for screaming out loud.
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  3. SarahButterfly

    SarahButterfly Full Member

    Sorry to hear that things are not going well right now.

    It's hard to follow SW when you have no time to prepare meals, and especially when you're under emotional stress.

    I'd suggest trying to buy salads, low fat/healthy option sandwiches, sushi, jacket potato with beans etc when you need to grab lunch on the go. If you choose a healthy sandwich on wholemeal bread (not granary) that is 6 syns taken off as the bread is your HEX B for example. If getting a takeaway maybe go for vegetable based dishes.

    Carry around lots of fruit to snack on when you get hungry.

    Try not to get too focussed on your weight right now as it'll only add more stress. Sometimes life does get in the way and there's no avoiding it! Remember you can always get back on plan 100% and lose weight when you are more able to.
  4. lentil2

    lentil2 Gold Member

    First of all, I'm sorry to hear your situation right now.

    I'd say, its sounds like you have a lot on your plate without having the added worry of dieting.
    However, having said that, I know that eating non diet food that makes you feel rubbish at a time like this can also impact on how you are feeling at the moment.
    Good advice from SarahButterfly above regarding food and just to add, now is probably not the time to be worrying about actually losing weight, just try and make sensible choices when you can. Its the one thing you are in control of at the moment and may help you remain positive.
  5. Jemima Doll

    Jemima Doll Full Member

    Hi Ladybird,

    So sorry to hear what you are going through at the mo, it must be horrendous x You have so much to cope with right now I'd try not to worry about losing, I'd just try and not gain too much by getting lots of healthy ready meals/snacks pre-packed salads/fruit etc to turn to. In future when things have resolved themselves you can re-focus on your weight loss goals and I'm sure you will continue losing and get to your goal. Take care xx
  6. stburgan

    stburgan Silver Member

    Hi am sorry to hear your news. I just wanted to say good luck and that I would agree with the advice already given just try to do the best with the choices you have at the moment. As I don't think adding the extra pressure of trying to loose weight is what you need at the.moment. Good luck hun hope thigs improve for you x
  7. Jeanne Von Buttonpopper

    Jeanne Von Buttonpopper Silver Member

    Hi Ladybird23,

    I just wanted to echo the sentiments of everyone else and say you have had some good advice here. I too have been in your position and have to say it is times like this that you put everything into perspective. I know how well you have done, but don't feel bad about jeopardising your weight loss. Just at this moment in your life something else has to take priority and when the time is right to get back on track you will, and you will once again find the time, dedication and focus for SW. Until that time comes around, devote your immediate energy to taking care of yourself and being there for the people you love. Take care sweetie.
  8. ladybird23

    ladybird23 Full Member

    Ah... thanks you lot - it's amazing the difference a few kind words from people you don't even know can make.

    I think the stress and worry may outweigh some of the slip ups this week.

    Yes you're all right in saying make the healthy choices when I can, but other things need to take priority right now. Thanks again everyone.

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