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What can i do :(


Think thin
Have you tried adding lots of ice to them? Try adding a little water and making into a paste (like you would with cornflour) and then add more water??? I have the choc mint hot before bed. I do feel for you but get to asda tomorrow and get a new blender - should get fone for under a fiver. How long you been on this plan? We have very similar stats - do you want to buddy up?


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I dont like the shakes either and they really dont sit well in my stomach
I only have a few flavours and have half a shake a LARGE mug of hot water and a spoon of coffee - I take them all like that
vanilla chocolate cappuccino banana each one half at a time in a coffee which is decaf so can count towards total water too


Think thin
What about the soups, tetra's and bars? It is hard, I don't particularly like them to be honest but needs must and all that and I am so determined to get this weight off and quickly!


Bring On The New Me!
Ive failed and emailed my CDC I cant do this, im just not there! if you know what i mean i will get there and i will proberly one day come back but for now its bye bye xx


Think thin
You're not a failure honey, it seems this plan is not for you. I am sure you will find a way of getting the weight off and I wish you losts of luck xx


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Aw hun - maybe just take some time and get in the right head space.
Or perhaps ss isn't for you? Maybe ss +?
Dont be too hard on yourself - i find the shakes pretty nasty and have to have them with at least 400ml's of water to make them bearable!

Good Luck.


Bring On The New Me!
Thanks girls! Im going to try follow slimming world or the sorts and maybe ill get back into that mindset maybe come back and do a higher plan who knows!

Good luck and thanks for all the help this past week xxx


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good luck with whatever you decide - the only other thing you might want to try though is switching from cold shakes to hot, assuming you are having them cold.

I can't stomach the shakes at all when they are cold and have all of mine hot and those I can stomach without a problem. Cold literally make me retch and can't stand them.

But as someone else already said there is no shame in switching to a diet that suits you better right now - I know that most people think CD is the easy option but it so isn't and it is about as mentally hard to stick to as its possible to get. It is right for some people and it isn't right for others and at least you gave it a shot to see if it was right for you.
*big hugs* hun, Like everyone else has said you haven`t failed!

Good luck in whatever you choose to try next

aww I am sorry things havent worked out with the CD. I hope you get on okay with SW. DO call in for your moral support.