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What can knock you out of Ketosis ?

Just a quick question really.

You all know how much i've been struggling on 3 shakes (wrong i know) But my CDC did say i could add food if i liked.

So what i've been doing over the weekend, is just having a few small pieces of cooked chicken throughout the day, just if i need a nibble, i would say, throughout the whole day, the most i would consume is 50g of it.

Do you think thats acceptable ?
Or is this likely to knock me out of K ?

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50g of chicken (skinless) is the amount you are allowed on AAM and you stay in ketosis. Watch what you put on it though.
Plain cooked chicken shouldn't knock you out of ketosis. Watch out for some of the precooked chicken from supermarkets though as a lot of them add stuff to it. I know some have added dextrose, I'm not sure if that could knock you out.

Good luck
I've been having a 130g pack of plain chicken most days. Calories varies depending on where I get it from (max 165), zero carbs. I check my ketosis levels every few days and its been fine. I'm happy with my weight loss too and the chicken stops me pigging out on something more harmful.
Not long. It's my second weigh in tomorrow! I have lost 3lbs (I weigh myself on my own scales) so far this week, and I am pleased with that as I am due my period right now and I usually put a couple of pounds on shortly before I'm due. I don't expect to lose atthe rate that some ladies are losing as I don't have that much to lose (although it does seem a bit of a mountain to climb!).

I started cheating with the chicken on day 5!! On days 3 and 4, I had an extra shake as I felt so awful. My CDC said it wouldn't hurt having the chicken and I feel I am going to keep going with this little bit of food to make me feel like I am really eating. I might miss out AAMW though as I am already doing it. I would prefer to have little nibbles throughout the day than the one meal in the evening.

How long have you doing it, tomtom?

This is week 2 for me.
2nd weigh in is Wednesday.
I'm also just nibbling when i feel the need, so wont be doing AAM, but, seeing as i'm missing out a shake a day, i'm probably not far off what i would be doing SS.
Although saying that, i've not been peckish at all today, so not eaten any chicken. Am only taking some if i feel i really need it.

I removed the batteries from my scales last week, as i was jumping on a lot, and not losing any weight.
So will stick to weekly weigh in at CDC.
Only downside was, i didn't have my usual amount of water over the weekend, although i still had more than what is recommended. At work i tend to have between 4-5L a day. Weekend was more 3L max.
Hi Tom!

Glad to read that you haven't got on those scales again!!!
Dropping to 3 litres of water at the weekend, isn't really going to affect you that much, although you may wake up really thirsty in the mornings and may suffer with the occassional headache. It is still more than the CD SS'ing recommendation of 2.5 litres a day.

My problem with nibbling on the chicken when I got peckish, was that I fancied other things too and have recently given into temptation. I have been to the Dr and have got permission from him not to do the AAMW, as it is too much temptation for me! I would like that to change in the future, but for now I am happy with that decision!

My weigh in is now Wednesdays too and I would be really interested to know how you get on.

Good luck!!!


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